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StackIQ Cluster Manager integrated with Hortonworks Data Platform provides a solution that comes with everything needed to deploy and manage Hadoop.

Today, companies of all sizes analyze vast quantities of data with Hadoop to obtain better forecasting, clearer competitive analysis, and many other benefits. StackIQ has developed the StackIQ Roll for Hortonworks, which is a module that connects StackIQ Cluster Manager to Apache Ambari and Hortonworks’ Hadoop distribution. This combines Hortonworks Data Platform with the industry-leading infrastructure management solution from StackIQ to create a Hadoop solution for the enterprise. It includes everything you need to install, configure, deploy, and manage your Hadoop cluster — right from bare metal.

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StackIQ Cluster Manager manages the day-to-day operation of the entire software stack running on the clusters. It provides heterogeneous hardware support, bare metal OS provisioning, programmatic disk, and network management. In other words, StackIQ Cluster Manager manages all of the software that sits between bare metal and a cluster application like Hadoop. Cluster configuration parameters are kept in a dynamic database, which is used for machine configuration, software deployment using a unique BitTorrent-like Avalanche peer-to-peer installer, management, and monitoring.

Combined StackIQ Cluster Manager and Hortonworks Data Platform are powerful tools that offer the most efficient and easiest way to get your Hadoop cluster up and running. This combination means you can be sure that your Big Data project will be deployed faster and with greater success.