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Strategic IT Security

Strategic IT Security helps U.S. clients address their greatest challenges in IT Development, Modernization, and Maintenance.  We specialize in delivering “Turnkey” solutions, including, but not limited to:

  • IT Systems, Databases/Data Warehouses, e-Business, Big Data,   Analytics 
  • Strategic Decision Analysis
  • Expert Witness:   Software Patents (USPTO, JPO), Big Data, Software Engineering, Computer/Network Security, Software Project Management, Metadata Management-Integration, System Integration, Privacy, U.S. Federal Government IT Contracts, Qui Tam Defense, Machine Learning, Active Directory, LDAP.
  • Audit Response:  Authoritative responses to Audits by OMB, GAO, Inspector Generals.
  • IT Security: Full Security Lifecycle Support and Continuous Monitoring as per FISMA, DIACAP, DISA/NIST, FIPS, DCID/6, et. al.; e-Discovery; HP Openview/BTO Suite; IBM Tivoli Suite; Security Architecture; Privacy Impact Asessment (PIA); Privacy Threshold Assessment (PTA).System of Records Notification (SORN).
  • Active Directory:  Auditing, Security, Reporting, Architecture, Heterogenous IT Environments, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), X.500, Scalability, Security Anomalies, Concealed Vulnerabilities.

While Strategic IT Security, has earned a reputation for having a certain “performance based mystique”, there is no mystery to the dedication, creativity, and professionalism we bring to our clients. We apply a handful of core competencies to every one of our customer-focused client engagements.  From the customer perspective, we:

  • Work with our clients, not for them
  • Bring the best of our firm to each client
  • Take a top management perspective
  • Establish a solid fact base

Contact:   service@StrategicITSecurity.com