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Harness the Power of Hadoop with Syncsort DMX-h

For more than 45 years, Syncsort has been a leader in “Big Data” enterprise software – decades before  the term “Big Data” became popular.   Thousands of customers in more than 85 countries, including 87 of the Fortune 100 companies, rely on our specialized solutions spanning “Big Iron to Big Data,” to gain game-changing insights from their enterprise data, with fewer resources and lower costs.

Syncsort DMX-h high-performance ETL software  was designed from the ground up for Hadoop, combining a long history of innovation with significant contributions Syncsort has made to the Apache community.  DMX-h provides an intuitive design interface and a Hadoop native runtime engine to optimize the performance and efficiency of data integration processes on Hadoop and other distributed frameworks, while simplifying the creation and maintenance of these processes.

With Syncsort DMX-h, you can simplify big data integration with everything you need to access and integrate all your enterprise data on Hortonworks Data Platform.

  • Access – Get best in class data ingestion capabilities for Hadoop: mainframes, RDBMS, MPP, JSON, Avro/Parquet, NoSQL, and more. Import hundreds of tables to HDFS in a single job.
  • Integrate – Design Streaming & Batch processes in a single interface. Get fastest multi-data source join and sort capabilities in the industry.
  • Comply – Improve metadata management and track data lineage by automatically updating HCatalog when loading to Hive, Avro and Parquet. Secure and govern with seamless integration with Kerberos and Apache Ranger.
  • Simplify – Insulate your people from the underlying complexities, and need for ever-changing skill sets of Big Data integration. Design once. Execute anywhere – including Spark -with or without Hadoop; on-premises or in the Cloud.

See for yourself!  Register for the Syncsort DMX-h test drive, designed for use with the Hortonworks Sandbox.

David Normandeau, Big Data Sales and Global Alliances, Syncsort

Syncsort in the Modern Data Architecture


HDP Certifications

HDP - HDP Certified badge indicates this partner’s solution has been certified to work with HDP; reviewed for architectural best practices and validated against a comprehensive suite of integration test cases, benchmarked for scale under varied workloads and comprehensively documented.

Yarn Ready - Apache Hadoop YARN is the data operating system for Hadoop 2, YARN Ready certification indicates your application or tool is integrated with YARN.

Security Ready - Apache Hadoop is secured with a number of technologies, such as Kerberos, Apache Knox, and Apache Ranger. Security Ready certification indicates your application or tool is integrated with these technologies.