The recognized leader in open source data integration solutions, Talend provides a holistic integration platform to organizations of all sizes and for all data, application & process integration needs. Talend offers open, innovative and powerful solutions, used primarily for operational data integration, ETL, data profiling & cleansing, MDM, application integration and BPM.

Ashley Stirrup, CMO, Talend

Talend Open Studio for Big Data

Talend Open Studio for Big Data is a powerful and versatile open source data integration tool. Talend provides data managers, operators, and analysts a graphical tool that abstracts the underlying Hadoop complexities and dramatically improves the efficiency of job design through an easy-to-use Eclipse development environment.

Talend and Hortonworks in the Modern Data Architecture

Talend MDA


Try Talend with the Hortonworks Sandbox

Talend has created a fully integrated demo with the Hortonworks Sandbox, check out the video and access the Talend – Hortonworks Sandbox fully integrated demo here.

Alternatively, you can download the Sandbox and their tutorial separately (see tutorial on the right).

More Information can be found on the Talend website at