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Tresata provides the leading software platform for real-time Customer Intelligence Management. Tresata Software enables businesses to monetize customer data by collecting, curating, computing and converting it to unmatched customer intelligence across all existing and growing data assets and at a unique segment of one. Tresata is the world’s first end-to-end real-time CIM software platform that runs completely in Hadoop and delivers actionable insight at scale, with incredible speed and unmatched fidelity. Tresata products offer automated solutions for Identity Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence, Risk Intelligence and Fraud Intelligence. http://www.tresata.com

Tresata creates next-generation predictive analytics applications that help enterprises monetize existing and growing big data assets by understanding customer behavior. Tresata’s entire suite of products is built in Hadoop and powered by predictive algorithms, allowing the delivery of actionable insight at unmatched size, speed and scale. Tresata is a Certified Technology Partner on Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP).

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HDP Certifications

HDP - HDP Certified badge indicates this partner’s solution has been certified to work with HDP; reviewed for architectural best practices and validated against a comprehensive suite of integration test cases, benchmarked for scale under varied workloads and comprehensively documented.

Yarn Ready - Apache Hadoop YARN is the data operating system for Hadoop 2, YARN Ready certification indicates your application or tool is integrated with YARN.