Vertascale, a venture-backed startup headquartered in Menlo Park, California, enables analytics and business intelligence on data stored in Hadoop, Amazon S3, NoSQL, and beyond. Given today’s cheap, commodity storage, enterprises are saving far more internal and external data than ever before. Benefiting from all this data, however, can be an elusive proposition. Vertascale bridges this “return-on-big-data-investment” gap with a powerful new approach for conducting cross-platform big data analytics and communicating results. Geared specifically for business users, Vertascale immediately boosts team productivity while dramatically reducing “time-to-impact” from weeks to minutes. Purpose-built for tapping Hadoop’s massive processing power, no new infrastructure is required, no data replication, no side-system installations, and no complex coding burden for your engineering team. Instead, you get straightforward, easy-to-use analytics and visualizations, tuned to achieve maximum business impact.

In a world awash with data, Vertascale’s Big Data Intelligence application is purpose-built for delivering business results without time-consuming installations or complex coding hurdles. Analyze and spot trends — even at massive scale — across Hadoop HDFS, from NoSQL, in the cloud on Amazon S3, or stored on your local file system. Vertascale manages connections to HDFS and WebHDFS on the Hortonworks platform, and provides a graphical user interface for Mac and PC that is easy for business users to download and install.