WANdisco is a provider of enterprise-ready, non-stop Big Data solutions that enable globally distributed organizations to meet today’s data challenges of secure storage, scalability and availability. Based on the company’s patented active-active replication technology, WANdisco provides enterprises with 24/7 non-stop availability and addresses planned outages by allowing administrators to take servers offline for maintenance without interrupting user access. WANdisco removes the single point of failure inherent in Hadoop, and it works over both Wide Area Networks (WANs) spanning multiple servers thousands of miles apart, as well as over Local Area Networks (LANs).  For more information, visit http://www.wandisco.com/hadoop.

Non-Stop Hadoop for Hortonworks

  • Enables HDFS to be deployed globally – Across the WAN
    • Extends HDFS across multiple Data Centers
    • Unifies the HDFS Namespace
    • One logical cluster across physical clusters in each Data Center
  • Provides 100% Uptime for Hadoop
    • Provides continuous availability of HDFS data
  • Architecture
    • Non-intrusive – not simple mirroring or a copy
    • Does not modify Apache Hadoop
    • Runs on Hadoop 2.0 and later
    • Load Balances NameNode traffic for increase scalability


WANdisco in the Modern Data Architecture

Hortonworks MDA Template for partners 2015_WANdisco edis.pptx 2015-06-07 10-30-40