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Xenolytics is a Big Data company providing Products, Solutions, and Services to generate actionable Business Intelligence for Making Better Decisions by analyzing massive amounts of internal, external, structured and unstructured data. Products and Solutions are built on industry standard open source Big Data infrastructure and solutions are versatile and customizable to different needs of the enterprises. The team has decades of experience in Business Intelligence, Telecom, Supply Chain, Pharmaceuticals, RDBMS, NoSQL, and Big Data ecosystems. We are headquartered in New Jersey, USA. www.xeno-lytics.com

 Flexible & Scalable Data Ingestion

  • Ingests huge amounts of internal and external data from internal existing customer databases, CRMs, machine generated data, mobile, and social media.
  • Provides industry standard Data Acquisition solutions and modular collectors to transform the collected data for quick and detailed analysis

Modular Innovative Analytics Engine(s)

  • Analytics scales on multiple dimensions from providing rapid fire quick analytics for time sensitive decision making to detailed analytics report for planning and execution.
  • Quickly customizable to introduce new analytics for what-if scenarios and new algorithms

Versatile Presentation of Analytics

  • Generate and present data on multiple visualization formats.
  • Interface with industry standard BI presentation tools.
  • Provides API interface to customize the reports, output format and presentation medium such as smart phones, tablets and dash boards

Interface with Legacy Data warehousing

  • Interface with existing data warehousing solutions to pull the data for including in the analytics and push the important data for archival.
  • Provides collectors to quickly insert and extract vast amounts of existing data