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Product Integration Certification

Hortonworks partners with leading software and hardware providers to enable compelling solutions that utilize Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF). The Product Integration Certification, for ISVs and IHVs, is designed to validate solutions with Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms, HDP and HDF.


One of the most important aspects of the ISV/IHV Program is the certification of partner technologies with Hortonworks solutions such as HDP. Certification is a requirement of higher levels of the ISV/IHV program and opens the door to additional benefits offered in the Program.

Product Integration Certification simplifies big data planning for customers by providing pre-built and validated integrations between leading enterprise technologies and Hortonworks solutions.  Certified technologies are reviewed for architectural best practices, validated against a comprehensive suite of integration test cases, benchmarked for scale under varied workloads and comprehensively documented.

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Get Your Solution Certified

Request your Product Integration Certification Kit or Request a 15 Minute Consultation.

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), with its open set of APIs, integrates with existing enterprise systems to enable new and differentiated solutions.  As the adoption of HDP expands, enterprises are looking for pre-built integrations that mitigate deployment risk, are pre-tested and certified. Stay tuned for HDF integration certification.

Delivering Certification Breadth and Depth

Our HDP certification program is the most comprehensive certification for Hadoop platforms on the market and offers detailed and specific certifications aligned with Enterprise Hadoop easing the adoption of a modern data architecture. Because modern Hadoop platforms interface with existing technologies in a wide variety of ways the certification program should match that breadth and depth through the certification offerings available.

Product Integration Certification offers testing and certification services to our partners across the platform to make sure our software integrates with your software, saving our customers time while providing them with an assurance of interoperability.

Partner Benefits

  • Accelerated adoption of your technology with proven HDP integration
  • Integration best practice guidance
  • Recognition as Hortonworks Certified Partner and badge use

Ready Programs

The HDP Ready extensions to the HDP Product Integration Certification program provide ISVs with a clear method to communicate the level and depth of integration they have with Enterprise Hadoop. For the enterprise they can select tools that use approved, tested and certified integration with their platform. The four Ready programs correspond to key functional areas of Enterprise Hadoop for data access, operations, security and data governance.

YARN Ready Logo

YARN Ready Certification

Apache Hadoop YARN is the data operating system for Hadoop 2, YARN Ready certification indicates your application or tool is integrated with YARN. More »

Operations Ready Badge

Operations Ready

Apache Ambari is the open source management fabric for Hadoop. Operations Ready certification indicates your application or tool is integrated with Ambari APIs. More »

Security Ready Badge

Security Ready

Apache Hadoop is secured with a number of technologies, such as Kerberos, Apache Knox, and Apache Ranger. Security Ready certification indicates your application or tool is integrated with these technologies. More »

Governance Ready Badge

Governance Ready

Apache Falcon is the open source engine that describes and orchestrates data flows into and within Hadoop. Governance Ready certification indicates your application or tool is integrated with Falcon. More »

How to Become Certified

Certification is available to Hortonworks Partners. Sign up to get your software or hardware solution certified with HDP here.

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