Refer a Customer Opportunity

Hortonworks invites you to refer opportunities so we can work with you to a successful close.  

The first step is to discuss the opportunity with us to make sure we are aligned and can move the deal forward in the most effective way for the customer, you and Hortonworks. The second step is to capture the prospect’s information to connect your company as  the source of the opportunity.

Discuss the Opportunity

By clicking on “Discuss the Opportunity” button below, Hortonworks Business Development or Sales representative will contact you to discuss the opportunity with you and locate the right sales person based on the lead’s geography and account type. Please give us two to five business days to respond. Note: if you do not need to discuss the opportunity you can skip this step and move to “Referral Form”.

Please enter in a short description of the project below. If you would like us to contact someone other than the email associated with this login, please enter that in too:

Request a Referral Discussion

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Referral Form

Once the initial discussion has taken place, Hortonworks will request that you complete the form below so we can capture the lead information correctly and identify you as the source of the opportunity in our systems. Once it is in our system, the sales team will move the opportunity forward.

For questions or issues, please email

Partner Lead Referral Form

Enter the contact, company and project information for the prospect you'd like to refer below.