Hortonworks Certification Program for Apache Hadoop YARN

The Hortonworks Certification Program for Apache YARN is designed to help application developers build and certify their apps to use the YARN architecture of Hadoop 2.4.0. Participants in this program are instrumental in the testing and delivery of this new framework and are provided access to latest developments and direct interaction with the Apache community of developers building YARN

With delivery of the Hadoop 2.4.0, now part of HDP 2.1, in the Apache community, the YARN API will be stable as part of general availability.  This means apps can be built and tested against the platform without risk of interface modifications.

Join the Program

The Hortonworks Certification Program for Apache YARN offers testing and certification services to our partners to ensure applications integrate and work with YARN, providing the best opportunity to be ahead of the market with the first wave of YARN innovation in the Hadoop ecosystem.


  • EXPERTISE: All members will be provided access to the YARN development team via regular office hours.  Members can connect with with the architects and builders of the framework.
  • LEARN: All members are provided with a YARN implementation guide and will be the first to read and use the YARN textbook. A sample YARN application will also be provided to help developers learn by example.
  • VISIBILITY: All members will have visibility and input into the direction of YARN, via their direct interaction with the community
  • RECOGNITION and PR: Ample opportunities for joint press and analyst interactions are provide as well as a logo certification for your YARN application. Hortonworks certification quote for reference in marketing assets

How to Become Certified

Certification is available to Hortonworks Partners. Download the certification kit from the Partner Portal or contact technology-certification@hortonworks.com.

We welcome new members to join the Hadoop ecosystem. If you’re not yet a partner, Join the Hortonworks Technology Partnership Program.

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Discover HDP 2.2: Comprehensive Hadoop Security with Apache Ranger and Apache Knox
Thursday, October 23, 2014
1:00 PM Eastern / 12:00 PM Central / 11:00 AM Mountain / 10:00 AM Pacific

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