Hortonworks Sandbox

Version 2.2

The easiest way to get started with Enterprise Hadoop

Sandbox is a personal, portable Hadoop environment that comes with a dozen interactive Hadoop tutorials. Sandbox includes many of the most exciting developments from the latest HDP distribution, packaged up in a virtual environment that you can get up and running in 15 minutes!

Learn Hadoop
Sandbox comes with a dozen hands-on tutorials that will guide you through the basics of Hadoop; tutorials built on the experience gained from training thousands of people in our Hortonworks University Training classes.

Build a Proof of Concept
The Sandbox includes the Hortonworks Data Platform in an easy to use form. You can add your own datasets, and connect it to your existing tools and applications. With this, you can prove out your use of Hadoop and plan the integration points for your first Hadoop project.

Test New Functionality
You can test new functionality with the Sandbox before you put it into production. Simply, easily and safely.

Download & Install

Sandbox is provided as a self-contained virtual machine. No data center, no cloud service and no internet connection needed!

Installation Steps

  1. Install a virtualization environment (3 Options)
  2. Download & Import the respective Sandbox Image

HDP 2.2 Sandbox (New)

HDP 2.2 Sandbox is available in the following variants :

HDP 2.2 Sandbox
on VMWare Fusion or Player

Prior Releases of HDP Sandbox :

HDP 2.1 Sandbox

For legacy testing and for tutorials written specifically for HDP 2.1
Documentation: As above

HDP 1.3 Sandbox

For legacy testing. Some partner tutorials are also written for 1.3

System Requirements

  • Now runs on 32-bit and 64-bit OS (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OSX)
  • Minimum 4GB RAM; 8Gb required to run Ambari and Hbase
  • Virtualization enabled on BIOS
  • Browser: Chrome 25+, IE 9+, Safari 6+ recommended. (Sandbox will not run on IE 10)

Known Issues:

The Hortonworks Sandbox is built on the Hortonworks Data Platform. However, excluded from this are:

  1. Third party tools and downloads (like Talend)
  2. Data sets uncompressed by Safari from .gz extension to .tsv extensions may not fully import. To solve this issue, using Safari on a Mac, please ensure that the following configuration is set in Preferences: General->uncheck "Open "safe" files after downloading".

Look here for Documentation on the Hortonworks Data Platform

Having Issues?

If you have issues with the download or use of the Sandbox, please visit the Hortonworks Sandbox Forum.