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Big Data, Hadoop, Hortonworks and Microsoft HDInsight



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Big Data, Hadoop, Hortonworks and Microsoft HDInsight « Webinars « Downloads

Webinar dateDecember 18, 2012


Big Data is everywhere. And at the center of the big data discussion is Apache Hadoop, a next-generation enterprise data platform that allows you to capture, process and share the enormous amounts of new, multi-structured data that doesn’t fit into transitional systems. With Microsoft HDInsight, powered by Hortonworks Data Platform, you can bridge this new world of unstructured content with the structured data we manage today. Together, we bring Hadoop to the masses as an addition to your current enterprise data architectures so that you can amass net new insight without net new headache. Attend this webinar where we will:
  • Distill the hype over reality of Hadoop
  • Outline how Hadoop is being used today
  • Demonstrate the simplicity of Hadoop with Microsoft HDInsight in action
Integrate with existing systems
Hortonworks maintains and works with an extensive partner ecosystem from broad enterprise platform vendors to specialized solutions and systems integrators.
Modern Data Architecture
Tackle the challenges of big data. Hadoop integrates with existing EDW, RDBMS and MPP systems to deliver lower cost, higher capacity infrastructure.
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Hortonworks provides enterprise-grade support, services and training. Discuss how to leverage Hadoop in your business with our sales team.

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