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Managing Security and Compliance in a Big Data World


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Managing Security and Compliance in a Big Data World « Webinars « Downloads

Webinar dateAugust 14, 2013


Big Data is a trend that has engulfed today's IT industry and one that organizations are struggling to manage. The size of the digital universe this year will be tenfold what it was just five years earlier. Therefore, organizations must find smarter data management approaches that enable them to effectively corral and optimize their data. Fortunately, this model of enterprise computing doesn't have to be the high-risk proposition some IT professionals fear. Enterprises willing to create automated processes to identify and value business data can take control of information governance before the big-data onslaught swamps them. As a result, they can meet key corporate objectives, such as lowering costs, lowering risk and making better business decisions. By rethinking security to meet expanded requirements, you can ensure compliance in the big data world.
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