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Building a Hybrid Modern Data Architecture using Apache Hadoop and Microsoft



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Building a Hybrid Modern Data Architecture using Apache Hadoop and Microsoft « Webinars « Downloads

Webinar dateFebruary 06, 2014


Attend this webinar to see the power of combining the Hortonworks Data Platform with Microsoft’s ubiquitous Windows, Office, SQL Server, Parallel Data Warehouse, and Azure platform to build the Modern Data Architecture for Big Data. In less than an hour, we're walk you through:
  • Building a hybrid Modern Data Architecture using Hadoop within a Microsoft Windows or Azure (cloud) environment
  • How to seamlessly combine your traditional data warehouse with the new world of Hadoop (by leveraging an integrated query model)
  • How to leverage your existing Microsoft properties such as Windows, System Center, SQL Server, Parallel Data Warehouse, Excel to integrate with Hadoop
  • How to leverage Excel and Power BI for Office 365 to gain immersive insights over both your relational data and your Hadoop data from within the familiar Microsoft Office suite
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