Hadoop Certification

Establish your credentials with Hadoop

Hortonworks is excited to announce that our certification program is now offering hands-on, performance based exams! This new approach to Hadoop certification is designed to allow individuals an opportunity to prove their Hadoop skills in a way that is recognized in the industry as meaningful and relevant to on-the-job performance. Candidates get certified by performing tasks on a live Hadoop cluster.

Get Hadoop Certified!

Hortonworks currently has three certifications:

Earn Digital Badges

Hortonworks Certified Professionals receive a digital badge for each certification earned. Display your badges proudly on your resume, LinkedIn profile, email signature, etc. Each badge you earn is issued and verified by BadgeCert, a third-party digital badge authentication provider:

 badge-5508 HWX_Badges_Cert_Color_Admin HWX_Badges_Cert_Color_JavaDev


Certification Preparation

While not required, our certifications have a training course that can help students learn the exam objectives. The following graphic shows the relationship between our certification exams and our training courses:

For Apache Hadoop 2.x Certifications

To prepare for this exam
Take this course

To prepare for this exam
Take this course

To prepare for this exam
Take this course

How to Register

To register for the new hands-on exams, create an account at www.examslocal.com, then search for “Hortonworks”. The cost of each exam is $250 USD. You can take the exam anytime, anywhere using your own computer.

Exam vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

New Performance Based Exams

Our new hands-on, performance based exams are intended to create a Hadoop certification recognized by the industry as a meaningful validation of a candidate’s skills. Check out the Certification Frequently Asked Questions page for details on this exciting new certification program.

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