HDP Developer: Custom YARN Applications

This course is designed for developers who want to create custom YARN applications for Apache Hadoop. It will include:the YARN architecture, YARN development steps,  writing aYARN client and ApplicationMaster, and launching Containers.The course uses Eclipse and Gradle connected remotely to a 7-node HDP cluster running in a virtual machine.


2 days

Target Audience

Java software engineers who need to develop YARN applications on Hadoop by writing YARN clients andApplicationMasters.


Students should be experienced Java developers who have attended HDP Developer: Java OR HDP Developer: Pig and HiveOR are experienced with Hadoop and MapReduce development. 


Instructor-led lecture/discussion, with approximately 50% of the course being devoted to hands-on labs.

Course Objectives

At the completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Describe the YARN architecture
  • Describe the YARN application lifecycle
  • Write a YARN client application
  • Run a YARN application on a Hadoop cluster
  • Monitor the status of a running YARN application
  • View the aggregated logs of a YARN application
  • Configure a ContainerLaunchContext
  • Use a LocalResource to share application files across a cluster
  • Write a YARN ApplicationMaster
  • Describe the differences between synchronous and asynchronous ApplicationMasters
  • Allocate Containers in a cluster
  • Launch Containers on NodeManagers
  • Write a custom Container to perform specific business logic
  • Explain the job schedulers of the ResourceManager
  • Define queues for the Capacity Scheduler 

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