Apache Hadoop 2.0: Developing Applications with the Hortonworks Data Platform using Java

Hortonworks Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop

This advanced four-day course provides Java programmers a deep-dive into Hadoop 2.0 application development. Students will learn how to design and develop efficient and effective MapReduce applications for Hadoop 2.0 using the Hortonworks Data Platform. Students who attend this course will learn how to harness the power of Hadoop 2.0 to manipulate, analyze and perform computations on their Big Data.


This course assumes students have experience developing Java applications and using a Java IDE. Labs are completed using the Eclipse IDE and Maven. No prior Hadoop knowledge is required.

Target Audience

Experienced Java software engineers who need to understand and develop Java MapReduce applications for Hadoop 2.0.

Course Objectives

At the completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Explain Hadoop 2.0 and the Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Explain the new YARN framework in Hadoop 2.0
  • Develop a Java MapReduce application
  • Run a MapReduce application on YARN
  • Use combiners and in-map aggregation to improve the performance of a MapReduce job
  • Write a custom partitioner to avoid data skew on reducers
  • Perform a secondary sort by writing custom key and group comparator classes
  • Recognize use cases for the various built-in input and output formats
  • Write a custom input and output format for a MapReduce job.
  • Optimize a MapReduce job by following best practices
  • Configure various aspects of a MapReduce job to optimize mappers and reducers
  • Develop a custom RawComparator class
  • Use the Distributed Cache
  • Explain the various join techniques in Hadoop
  • Perform a map-side join
  • Use a Bloom filter to join two large datasets
  • Perform unit tests using the UnitMR API
  • Explain the basic architecture of HBase
  • Write an HBase MapReduce application
  • Explain use cases for Pig and Hive
  • Write a simple Pig script to explore and transform big data
  • Write a Pig UDF (User-Defined Function) in Java
  • Execute a Hive query
  • Write a Hive UDF in Java
  • Use the JobControl class to create a workflow of MapReduce jobs
  • Use Oozie to define and schedule workflows

Lab Content

Students will work through the following lab exercises using Eclipse, Maven, and the Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0:

  • Configuring a Hadoop 2.0 Development Environment
  • Putting data into HDFS using Java
  • Write a distributed grep MapReduce application
  • Write an inverted index MapReduce application
  • Configure and use a combiner
  • Writing a custom combiner
  • Writing a custom partitioner
  • Globally sort output using the TotalOrderPartitioner
  • Writing a MapReduce job whose data is sorted using a composite key
  • Writing a custom InputFormat class
  • Writing a custom OutputFormat class
  • Compute a simple moving average of historical stock price data
  • Use data compression
  • Define a RawComparator
  • Perform a map-side join
  • Using a Bloom filter
  • Unit testing a MapReduce job
  • Import data into HBase
  • Writing an HBase MapReduce job
  • Writing a User-Defined Pig Function
  • Writing a User-Defined Hive Function
  • Defining an Oozie workflow

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