HDP Analyst: Apache HBase

This participatory workshop introduces HBase basics, structure and operations in an intensely hands-on experience guided by an HBase expert.

Target Audience

Architects, software developers, and analysts responsible for implementing non – SQL databases in order to handle sparse  data sets commonly found in big data use cases. 


Students must have basic familiarity with data management  systems.  Familiarity with Hadoop or databases is helpful but not  required.  Students new to Hadoop are encouraged to attend t he  HDP Overview: Apache Hadoop Essentials  course.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the components and core concepts of HBase 
  • Select appropriate RowKeys and Column Families 
  • Describe the function of components in the HBase Architecture 
  • Choose appropriate BlockSize 
  • Use BloomFIlters 
  • Optimize HBase Access 

Hands – On Labs

  • HBase Shell Operations 
  • Importing Data from MySQL to HBase 
  • Creating Tables with Multiple Column Families 
  • Exploring HBase Schema 
  • Using Zookeeper 
  • Using a Java Data Access Object Application to  Interact with HBase 


  • 35% Lecture/Discussion
  • 65% Hands on Labs


Hortonworks offers a comprehensive certification program that identifies you as an expert in Apache Hadoop. Visit Certification for more information.


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