Geolocation Data

Profit from predictive analytics with Apache Hadoop

Where is everyone? Geolocation data is plentiful, and that’s part of the challenge. The costs to store and process voluminous amounts of data often outweigh the benefits. Hadoop helps reduce data storage costs while providing value driven intelligence from asset tracking to predicting behavior to enable optimization.

In this video, we show how a trucking company can analyze geolocation data to reduce fuel costs and improve driver safety.

In this demo, learn how to:

  • Stream geolocation data into HDFS with Flume
  • Import structured data into HDFS with Sqoop
  • Use HCatalog to build a relational view of the data
  • Use Hive and Pig scripts to refine the data
  • Import the data into Microsoft Excel with the ODBC connector
  • Visualize data with Powerview

More business applications:

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