Machine and Sensor Data

Gain insight from your equipment with Apache Hadoop

Your machines know things. From out in the field to the assembly line floor—machines stream low-cost, always-on data. Hadoop makes it easier for you to store and refine that data and identify meaningful patterns, providing you with the insight to make proactive business decisions.

In this video, we show how Hadoop can be used to analyze heating, ventilation and air conditioning data to maintain ideal office temperatures and minimize expenses. 

In this demo, learn how to:

  • Stream sensor data into HDFS with Flume
  • Import structured data into HDFS with Sqoop
  • Use HCatalog to build a relational view of the data
  • Use Hive and Pig scripts to refine the data
  • Import the data into Microsoft Excel with the ODBC connector
  • Visualize data with Powerview

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