Why Hortonworks?

Founded in 2011 by 24 engineers from the original Yahoo! Hadoop team, Hortonworks has amassed more Hadoop experience under one roof than any other organization in the world. Our team works every day to enhance the Hadoop core, creating new code to improve the open product we have stewarded since its inception. Simply put, we are your best choice to support you in your Hadoop journey.

Open Leadership

Unlike any other Hadoop provider, Hortonworks is singularly committed to driving innovation in the open, and is the only provider that works 100% within the Apache Software Foundation process. To date, Hortonworks is responsible for a significant contribution to the core Hadoop code base and employes more committers to the Apache Software Foundation ecosystem of Hadoop projects than any other organization in the world.

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Enterprise Rigor

Hortonworks builds Apache Hadoop with the enterprise in mind, tested and certified with real-world rigor. The Hortonworks Data Platform combines the innovation of open source under the governance of the Apache Software Foundation with enterprise software rigor. HDP is backed by an unmatched enterprise services and support organization responsible for the world’s largest Hadoop clusters and deployments.

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Ecosystem Endorsement

Hortonworks is focused on deeply integrating Hadoop with your existing data center technologies and team capabilities. The Hortonworks Data Platform is integrated with, endorsed by, and in many cases resold by the worldwide partners you trust most.

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Hortonworks… loves and lives open source innovation

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