Why Hortonworks?

Enabling your modern data architecture with enterprise Apache Hadoop

Hadoop has arrived as an enterprise data platform. We believe that enterprises will rely on Hadoop as part of their modern data architecture. We aim to enable that by delivering enterprise Hadoop in Hortonworks Data Platform to deeply integrate with your strategic technologies and existing team capabilities.

We do Hadoop.

Founded in 2011 by 24 engineers from the original Yahoo! Hadoop development and operations team, Hortonworks has amassed more Hadoop experience under one roof than any other organization.  Our team members are active participants and leaders in Hadoop development; designing, building and testing the core of the Hadoop platform. We have years of experience in Hadoop operations and are best suited to support your mission-critical Hadoop project.

Open Leadership

Hortonworks has a singular focus and commitment to drive innovation in the open exclusively via the Apache Software Foundation process.

Hortonworks is responsible for approximately 50% of core code base advances to deliver Apache Hadoop as an enterprise data platform.

Ecosystem Endorsement

Hortonworks is focused on the deep integration of Hadoop with existing data center technologies and team capabilities.

Hortonworks has secured strategic relationships with trusted data center partners including :

Microsoft, Red HatHPSAP, Teradata, Rackspace, and many more.

Enterprise Rigor

Hortonworks builds Apache Hadoop with the enterprise in mind, all tested and certified with real-world rigor in the world’s largest Hadoop clusters.

Hortonworks has a world-class enterprise support and services organization with vast experience of the largest Hadoop deployments.

Forrester Wave Diagram

 Hortonworks “loves and lives open source innovation”

Hadoop’s momentum is described as ‘unstoppable’ and Hortonworks is recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave™: Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014.

Open Innovation.
With the Community, for the Enterprise

Hortonworks performs all of its development within the processes of the Apache Software Foundation – our code is 100% open source with zero proprietary extensions. This model is unique to Hortonworks and we believe represents the future of enterprise software development.

In order to meet the stringent requirements of the modern enterprise, we listen, amplify and represent our customers’ voices in the community to ensure the innovation necessary to meet their requirements is present. Our approach :

  1. Identify and introduce enterprise requirements into the public domain.
  2. Work with the community to advance and incubate open source projects
  3. Apply Enterprise Rigor to deliver the most stable and reliable distribution

The diverse experience and ideas of open-source communities delivers the right innovation at the right time. Hortonworks’ goal is to bring this innovation from the community to the enterprise. Outside of the day to day development of Apache Hadoop, the Hortonworks Labs represent key areas of investment for our engineering teams, and our deep engineering partnerships with partners.

We deliver the components of Enterprise Hadoop as Hortonworks Data Platform.

Presentation & Applications
Enable both existing and new applications to provide value to the organization.
Enterprise Management & Security
Empower existing operations and security tools to manage Hadoop.
Governance Integration
Data Workflow, Lifecycle & Governance
Data Access
Access your data simultaneously in multiple ways (batch, interactive, real-time)
  • Engines
Store and process your Corporate Data Assets
Hadoop Distributed File System
Data Management
Store and process your Corporate Data Assets
Authentication, Authorization, Audit & Data Protection
Deploy, Manage and Monitor
Provision, Manage & Monitor
Deployment Choice
  • Linux & Windows
  • On Premise or Cloud/Hosted

Modern Data Architecture.
Extending and Enabling the Ecosystem.

Apache Hadoop is a core component of a modern data architecture, integrating with and complementing your existing systems to create a highly efficient, highly scalable way to manage all your enterprise data. A modern data architecture provides the foundation for your own enterprise data lake, which is an integral part of your business strategy for unleashing analytic insights and innovations that help you compete and win in today’s marketplace.

Building a Modern Data Architecture
An MDA provides a platform to capture and store vast quantities of data in a cost efficient and scalable manner, process that data in multiple ways in turn unleashing iterative analytic opportunities and innovations, all while integrating with existing data center technology and making the most of existing skills.

Business Applications of Hadoop 

Enterprises have data streaming in from all directions. See how the following industries have embraced Hadoop:

Customer Case Studies

Find out how some of our hundreds of customers are embracing Hadoop and delivering these advantages for their businesses.
Hadoop Modern Data Architecture

Let’s do Hadoop.

Hadoop has become a strategic data platform embraced by innovative CTOs and CIOs across mainstream enterprises as it offers the fastest path for businesses to unlock value in big data while maximizing existing investments. Join us, and let’s do Hadoop.

Download our Whitepaper: Hadoop and a Modern Data Architecture.

Hortonworks Data Platform
The Hortonworks Data Platform is a 100% open source distribution of Apache Hadoop that is truly enterprise grade having been built, tested and hardened with enterprise rigor.
Modern Data Architecture
Tackle the challenges of big data. Hadoop integrates with existing EDW, RDBMS and MPP systems to deliver lower cost, higher capacity infrastructure.
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