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April 05, 2018
Five Common Big Data Myths
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Three Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss at DataWorks Summit Berlin 2018

DataWorks Summit Berlin 2018 is coming up from April 16 – 19! Every year, this conference features advice and best practices from industry experts across Europe and North America. This year’s offerings include: crash courses for the technical community, where you can roll up your sleeves and get hands-on experience in structured labs; Birds of a Feather sessions, where you meet with peers who have the same interests, challenges, and questions about Apache projects and tools; and thought-provoking lectures, where you’ll hear industry leaders share their insights into how big data can affect business outcomes.

From hands-on labs to interactions with the broader user community, there are many different reasons to attend DataWorks Summit Berlin 2018. Here are three keynote sessions that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Big Data Success in Practice: The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid Across the Top 5 Business Use Cases

Presented by Bernard Marr, founder and CEO of Bernard Marr & Co

Bernard Marr is an expert in business performance, digital transformation, and the intelligent use of data in business. Marr says, “We’re told daily how transformative big data, AI, and IoT will be to our businesses. Unfortunately, many don’t understand how to convert that promise into reality. Studying real-world examples of businesses further along in their digital transformation shows how these key trends can play out and pay off.”

In his DataWorks Summit keynote, Marr will explore the top five organizational use cases for big data and identify some of the biggest mistakes data science teams must avoid, as well as the key criteria that define success. Through real-world examples, he’ll cover key trends around data democratization, self-service business intelligence, data privacy and the GDPR, edge and fog computing, digital twin technology, and IoT and deep learning AI.

2. Munich Re: Driving a Big Data Transformation

Presented by Andreas Kohlmaier, head of data engineering at Munich Re

“If you don’t get the cultural shift right, you can’t get the digital transformation right. Culture enables this transformation. At Munich Re, we’ve figured out the right balance between the culture and technology,” says Andreas Kohlmaier. Kohlmaier has been with Munich Re for a decade and has played a leading role in transforming the company into a data-driven organization.

Attend his keynote to learn more about why data and analytics are at the heart of the digital transformation and why it requires a shift in culture. Kohlmaier will describe how Munich Re focused on three key elements—people, processes, and technology—to drive their internal cultural and technological change, including details of how they maintain a balance between culture and technology in meeting the data demands of their business.

3. Embracing GDPR to Improve Your Business Practices in the Digital Age

Presented by Enza Iannopollo, security and risk analyst at Forrester Research

Enza Iannopollo provides analysis for the Security and Risk team at Forrester Research and is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E), and her keynote focuses on how the GDPR affects data-driven initiatives. GDPR has its price—high compliance costs, penalties for noncompliance, reputational damage if those initiatives fail—but there is also much to be gained by businesses that view the regulation as an opportunity. Iannopollo will describe how your peers have readied for this regulation and how their compliance is improving their digital practices.

DataWorks Summit Berlin 2018 is where the big data community is gathering to learn how advanced analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence are transforming customer and product experiences. These keynotes will provide the inspiration for you to kick off your own digital and data transformation.

There’s still time to register for DataWorks Summit Berlin 2018. Register by April 15, 2018 at the standard registration rate.

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