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March 25, 2014
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Hortonworks Announces $100M Funding to innovate Enterprise Hadoop and drive Ecosystem Expansion

We are excited to welcome Blackrock and Passport Capital as Hortonworks investors who today led a $100M round of funding with continued participation from all existing investors.

This latest round of funding will allow us to double-down on our founding strategy: to make open source Apache Hadoop a true enterprise data platform. To that end we are focused in two areas:

1. Lead the innovation of Hadoop. In open source, for everyone.

Since our inception, we have been focused on leading the delivery of Enterprise Hadoop as a full data platform completely in open source.  For example, a foundational element of this was delivered by Arun Murthy and team with the YARN-based architecture of Hadoop 2 which moved Hadoop beyond its MapReduce heritage into a true multi-purpose data platform.

Thanks to the contributions of so many, Hadoop continues to expand even further to address critical enterprise requirements such as Security, Operations and Data Governance and to enable Hadoop to take its place in a Modern Data Architecture.

[hadoop_arch type=”lo”]

A recent post on this blog highlighted the unique commitment of major vendors in the IT ecosystem who have partnered with us in this approach.

The vision for the value of Hadoop is variously described as data lakes, data hubs, even data reservoirs… But whatever term you may choose to apply, we are committed to delivering the enabling technology as completely open source and wholly integrated with existing enterprise systems. The complete Apache Hadoop platform, incorporating data management, data access, data governance, data security and data operations will be forever and always defined in open source and defended by a strong ecosystem who contributes deeply to it’s success.

2. Extend and enable the ecosystem. A modern data architecture with Hadoop.

We are also focused on enabling the broader ecosystem of IT vendors to incorporate Hadoop into their applications.  In addition to hundreds of partners that we work with daily, we have deep engineering and go-to-market commitments with data center leaders including Microsoft, Red Hat, Teradata, SAP, HP and others that are foundational to our approach.

With this funding we will further invest to enable the go-to-market with these key partners and continue to build the roster of HDP certified applications.

Business Momentum

As validation of our approach to innovating the technology in open source and enabling a broad ecosystem, we have seen tremendous interest in the Hortonworks Data Platform: we have added 250+ customers in the past year, and more than 75,000 downloads of our Sandbox learning environment in just the past 10 months.  This funding will enable us to accelerate our investments to expand the reach of our organization to service our growing and increasingly global customer base.  There is absolutely no doubt interest in Hadoop is growing around the globe, as evidenced by next week’s Hadoop Summit Europe which has completely sold out – surpassing even our most ambitious expectations.

We are very pleased to welcome these two amazing investors to our team and even more excited about the opportunity ahead for all of us.


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