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October 17, 2013
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3 Key Takeaways from the Big Data Immersion Workshop

Designed for senior IT executives, IT architects, technology planners, and business technologists, Knowledgent’s three-day facilitated Big Data Immersion workshop recently held in New York City, provided participants with an intensive deep dive answering the big data questions:

  • Why Big Data? What are the issues that brought it all about?
  • Demystifying Big Data: How can Hadoop help with big data issues?
  • Implementation: How do I operationalize big data? How is big data analytics different?

Participants in attendance spanned industries from corporations such as TD Ameritrade, Daiichi Sankyo, Citigroup, and KPMG with each gaining powerful insights into how their organization can benefit including the available platforms for analysis —simply stated, how to make a big data initiative effectively work within their organizations and position themselves for greater success.

Why Big Data? A Paradigm Shift to Mapping Technology to Data

The three-day workshop began with an introduction to big data including presentations on the evolution of big data, SQL vs. NoSQL vs NewSQL, and Hadoop by Knowledgent experts.  At the end of day one, participants – all leading architects and technologists gained a foundation of knowledge giving them a springboard for meaningful conversations within their own companies across organizations.

Big Data Demystified

On day two, participants received Knowledgent’s Guide to Big Data Platform Selection, with insider tips and real-world issues that Hadoop can solve, as well as a guest speaker presentation from Hortonworks.

Shaun Connolly, VP of Corporate Strategy at Hortonworks presented the future of hadoop, and the key feature differences between Hadoop 1 and Hadoop 2.  Shaun outlined how these new features would benefit the enterprise by enabling businesses to store all data in one place, to interact with that data in multiple ways, and with predictable performance and quality of service. Since Hadoop 2.0 is new this presentation was very well received and generated lots of excitement.

Participants left with the knowledge and vision on how to enable their company to use the new technology to solve real issues for competitive advantage.

Implementation and Operationalizing

On day three, participants learned valuable best practices for implementing a big data solution, with a focus on big data analytics and processes, case studies, and operational considerations.

Participants realized how they could be the driver for companywide transformation—enabling their business partners from the company CEO to the business analyst to easily and quickly perform analysis on all their data and make critical business decisions.

One participant said the workshop “demystified the whole arena.” With another saying, “Thanks for keeping all the ultra-seductive sales language out of this forum.”

All of the participants were actively engaged over the course of the three-day workshop creating valuable exchanges between students and facilitators.

In response to requests for workshops in other locations, Knowledgent will be holding Big Data Immersion workshops in Boston and New Jersey in early 2014. Stay tuned!

For more information on Knowledgent and Big Data, visit:


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