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August 28, 2013
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A Set of Hadoop-related Icons

The best architecture diagrams are those that impart the intended knowledge with maximum efficiency and minimum ambiguity. But sometimes there’s a need to add a little pizazz, and maybe even draw a picture or two for those Powerpoint moments.

Download stencils for Omnigraffle and Visio, and the Hi Res PNG and EPS files from Github.


We’ve built a small set of Hadoop-related icons that might help you next time you need that picture focusing on the intended function of various components. If you need the official logos then you can grab those from the various Apache project sites. We also put in some thoughts on how to use them for best effect, but feel free to ignore us and use them however you like.

Update: thanks to @nattyice for pointing out the source of the original diagram for the example below – we’ve updated the deck to reflect.


For this v1.0 we’ve covered some basics of physical and software components and put them into a Powerpoint template. Love them? Hate them? Want something different? Let us know and we’ll see if we can add them to the set and maybe even build a Visio stencil…

You can see the icons below, and download them from the Slideshare site.

[slideshare id=25693004&doc=hadoopiconsv1-130828140403-phpapp01]



  • Good icons. Can I bug you guys for separate icons {HBase,Hive,Database}, {Zookeeper}, {Task Tracker,Job Tracker}, {Management} for more clarity, especially when we explain the systems architecture to others ?

  • Hi,


    Can you add hcatalog and its megastore icon?
    I think you want to use different hbase icon.

    Also I don’t like the icon of ETL and have separate for PIg it creates confusion in some cases
    I suggest to have generic icons as end users entities.

  • The Visio Stencil files is a .vssx file, which can only be opened by Visio 2013. Can you resave it as a .vss file, which can be opened by Visio 2010?


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