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May 18, 2018
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Accelerated Path to the Value of Data with Hortonworks University

You have probably heard of the 3Vs of big data – Volume, Variety, and Velocity. They define the three dimensions of big data, and the challenges that the hyper-connected digital world has produced over the last decade – the massive volume and increasing variety of data generated at rapid velocity that companies can’t keep up with traditional data management approach. Then there’s the fourth “V” – Veracity, pointing out the growing concern and complexity over the reliability of data: whether it is accurate or whether it can be trusted. As the numerical sequence of the “Vs” continues to increase to reflect the rising urgency for proper data management, the market is blown up with the adoptions of different tools: data ingestion, processing, storage, security and governance, data science, analytics, and more. Each serves a distinct purpose, but ultimately all for the same, definitive goal – the most important “V” among all – Value.


However, here’s a reality check: we are not living in a world where software and machines are completely operated by AI, at least not yet. The manpower required to administer the tools, platforms, or technologies is at a historical shortage according to the following stats:

How do organizations overcome the data talent shortage to get to the other end of the rainbow for that pot of golden data insights? Based on my recent conversation with James Sirota, Director of Engineering for Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform, the answer might be right around your cubicles. Over the years James has had a proven track record of establishing data science teams, and his secret to success is that most of his crew are trained up, not hired.


Training up existing employees with relevant, purpose-designed courses can provide a lot of value to your organization. This approach eliminates a lengthy hiring process for someone with no knowledge of a company’s process and data environment, and can help determine the right skillset needed for the company. Besides, it helps companies to optimize the utilization of human capital by cultivating the versatility of employees to accomplish a variety of tasks, expanding on the depth as well as the breadth of job functionality for your personnel. Other than addressing the heavy lifting of data workloads, companies can see immediate cost-saving from the exclusion of additional hiring and reinvest in value-creation initiatives to stay competitive.


As a leader in open source big data, Hortonworks offers dedicated role-designated learning paths to help our customers achieve faster time-to-value, as illustrated below.

Take our data science course for example. It is designed for anyone who needs to apply data science and machine learning on Apache Hadoop. The course provides instructions on the processes and practices of data science, including:

  • machine learning and natural language processing
  • tools and programming languages (Python, IPython, Mahout, Apache Pig, NumPy, pandas, SciPy, Scikit-learn)
  • the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)
  • Apache Spark MLlib

We also offer the flexibility of three training options that best fit your style of learning and availability:

By the end of the training, participants are required to perform actual tasks on an actual Hadoop cluster and pass performance-based examinations to complete a specific class topic. Successful students are awarded with industry-recognizable big data certifications.


At Hortonworks, our focus is to maximize the value your organization can extract from your data assets to bring your big data vision to life. To learn more about Hortonworks education offering, please visit:

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