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December 17, 2014
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Further Accelerating the Adoption of Enterprise Hadoop

Hortonworks introduces HDP Operations Ready, HDP Security Ready and HDP Governance Ready certifications to showcase solutions that deeply integrate with enterprise Hadoop.

Customer adoption of Apache Hadoop continues to accelerate the pace at which the community works to meet the requirements of Enterprise Hadoop. Once the place of HDFS and MapReduce only, the introduction of Apache Hadoop YARN a little over a year ago has unleashed many new ways to get value from a Hadoop cluster. The expansion of YARN-enabled systems has demonstrated the need for enterprise-required functionality for security, governance and operations. Without it, enterprises will be less able to make Hadoop part of their modern data architectures.

When we rolled out the HDP YARN Ready program in June, we were responding to the need expressed by customers and software vendors alike, to ensure technologies that integrate with Hadoop do so by leveraging existing cluster resources in a cooperative way. By any measure the program has been a success, with more than 100 vendors certifying over 70 HDP YARN Ready products to date, and many more coming.

Because of the breadth of an enterprise Hadoop platform, along with this growth in HDP YARN Ready applications came additional questions from customers: How do these technologies integrate with our operations procedures? With our security controls? With the mechanisms we’ve set up for orchestrating data movement?

While customers are looking for better-integrated technologies, our partners are looking for ways to showcase the work they’ve done to more tightly integrate with Hadoop, As a result, in addition to HDP YARN Ready, solutions can now be tested and verified for:

  • HDP Operations Ready : Delivers assurance to manage and run applications on HDP from an operational perspective. Specifically, integrates with Apache Ambari, using Ambari as a client to an enterprise management system, integrating Ambari-managed Hadoop components via Ambari Stacks, or providing tailored user tools with Ambari Views.
  • HDP Security Ready: Delivers tested and validated integration with security-related components of the platform. Beyond the ability to work in a Kerberos-enabled cluster, it also works with the Apache Knox gateway, and with Apache Ranger for comprehensive security integration and centralized management.
  • HDP Governance Ready: Provides assurance that data is integrated into the platform via automated and managed data pipelines as described and facilitated by the Apache Falcon data workflow engine.

These extensions of the Hortonworks Certified Technology Program provide three additional certifications under the umbrella of HDP Certified. This is the most comprehensive certification program for Hadoop platforms available today, and delivers the level of assurance for enterprises as they make the move to a modern data architecture.

HDP Ready Programs

We are excited about these new certifications and what they represent: a vibrant ecosystem of Hadoop integrations built for the enterprise.

Additional resources for customers:

Additional resources for partners or potential partners:


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