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July 19, 2018
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Accelerating Big Data Analytics in the Cloud – Now!

Hortonworks is a true hybrid data company. For almost a decade, the company has been helping customers build a hybrid data warehouse by leveraging the cost-efficiency, storage scalability, and extensive computing with Hadoop to optimize their enterprise data warehouses (EDW). With Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) for data-at-rest, Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) for data-in-motion, and Hortonworks DataPlane Service (DPS) for global data management, we are delivering the tools and services required for customers to realize value in a hybrid data environment.

Our progression doesn’t stop there. When our CPO, Arun Murthy, pointed out in his previous blog post that enterprises should have a data strategy rather than a cloud strategy and choose a vendor that can deal with all of their data architecture, he had touched on some key reasons why what Hortonworks offers customers is unique.

Hortonworks wants to be your comprehensive strategic partner for all data, no matter which types and where they reside. A partner that delivers cost-efficiency with the building of a hybrid data warehouse of EDW and Hadoop, provides value in a hybrid data environment of data-at-rest and data-in-motion, and helps you securely manage and govern your hybrid data architecture for big data workloads — across on-premises and multi-clouds, now and in the future.


A hybrid big data architecture can provide you with many benefits. Other than the obvious gain of avoiding cloud vendor lock-in, it enables a workload-driven deployment strategy that:

  • drives faster time to insight by leveraging big data technology to run on-demand analytics workloads in the cloud, at scale and within minutes;
  • accelerates time to market with the ability to quickly launch new products or services in the cloud;
  • optimizes resources by deploying the right type of application based on app-complexity and cloud-readiness;
  • hedges the risk by keeping sensitive data assets on-prem.


To build a hybrid strategy that quickly realizes these benefits, Hortonworks delivers an open source analytics platform in an enterprise-ready manner for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, all through a consistent data fabric. We uniquely offer:

  1. Fastest path to the cloud. We let you move data from on-prem to cloud and back again (Data Lifecycle Management), move data from the edge to the cloud (HDF), and simple workload management to configure and secure workloads for the cloud while optimizing the use of cloud resources (Cloudbreak).
  2. Proactive cost management. Puts cost control back in your hands via proactive monitoring (SmartSense)(Cloudbreak).
  3. Consistent Security and Governance. We give you comprehensive and consistent metadata, security & data governance for compliance on-prem and in the cloud (DataPlane Service) (shared services).
  4. Portability across clouds. No need to rewrite apps when migrating from on-prem to cloud.
  5. Cloud agnostic. We’ve always embraced the ecosystem and taken a partnership approach. Our platforms and solutions can be deployed across Azure, AWS and GCP.
  6. Faster innovation. Customers get the latest technology from the open source community and no vendor lock in.
  7. Integrated Workloads. Modern data processing involves multiple tools and technologies for data science, query, data transformation etc. and having a single integrated platform that works on-prem and in the cloud provides tremendous value in terms of ease and convenience of use. 


Our platforms and solutions enable a modern data architecture to manage data across hybrid settings. As Hortonworks’ products and services continuously evolve to support technological advancements, such as cloud, machine learning and deep learning, IoT, containerization and more, one thing remains unchanged is our mission and dedication to provide faster insight, cost-efficiency, and ease of deployment in big data — to all customers, in all industries:

Take Webtrends, a digital optimization and analytics company that helps its clients provide meaningful experiences to their customers, for example. When they faced the challenge of data volume that the amount collected surpassed one petabyte every six months and could take weeks to process, they turned to Hortonworks for a hybrid architecture of deploying HDP and HDF across on-premises and the cloud. The customer was then able to realize the benefits came in both tangible and intangible terms:

Tangible Benefits

  • Collected 13 billion daily clickstream events in fewer than milliseconds per event
  • Analyzed petabytes of weblogs with Apache Spark at scale, providing the ability to behaviorally segment consumers and personalize ads
  • Saved millions of dollars on storage and compute costs over the long haul
  • Reduced processing time from weeks to minutes

Intangible Benefits

  • Increased Web effectiveness / marketing effectiveness (marketing and sales conversions) via highly personalized and contextualized advertising
  • Launched a new product, Webtrends Infinity, that allowed them to take large amounts of data and turn it into insights for their customers
  • Delivered personalized digital ads at scale

With the platforms, Webtrends transformed its business by storing, processing, and analyzing the sheer amount of data to uncover insights into consumers and their behaviors, which are invaluable to global brands.


Data is a valuable asset. Whoever controls and makes the best use of it gets a leg up in the game. Take customer data for example. Knowing customers’ purchase patterns and preferences followed by sales and marketing efforts to initiate buying intent is a powerful proposition. An edge that has fallen in the hands of the cloud giants today, as recently discussed by Marriott CEO Arne Sorense in a hospitality industry conference. Hortonworks will continue to invest in our technology to enable the deployments and analytics of big data on-prem and in the cloud, by leveraging the continuous commitments and innovations in the open source community. To give you an option to avoid cloud vendor lock-in, a chance to take back the control and insight that are rightfully yours, and an integrated data and cloud strategy that powers the future of your organization.


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