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May 03, 2016
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Accenture Big Data Academy and Hortonworks Training Advance Business Transformation for Clients

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Guest Blog by:

T.J. Glazier, Accenture
Senior Manager & Master Technology Architect
Global Program Lead, Accenture Big Data Academy

Accenture launched the Big Data Academy in 2012 to provide world-class big data and advanced analytics capabilities to its clients. Accenture’s global breadth and scale, operating in more than 120 countries with greater than 373,000 employees and multiple big data and advanced analytics projects at any one time, make high quality and effective training critical. Additionally, the rapid pace of big data technology evolution mandates frequent retraining and knowledge dissemination; traditional training methods are too slow, too small, and too expensive to be practical; and the high variety of skills needed makes audience targeting near impossible.

Since 2012, the Accenture Big Data Academy has evolved to provide a multi-track, skill-centric curriculum that includes all manner of big data and advanced analytics technologies while pioneering new forms of learning delivery. Since the program’s launch, Big Data Academy has trained more than 25,000 Accenture professionals globally to successfully deliver big data and advanced analytics projects. The emergence of new technologies, continuous advancement of established technologies, and incorporation of advanced data technologies into nearly every Accenture Digital project have triggered an evolution of the academy’s mandate to not only develop leading experts in big data, but also help make them experts in individual technology stacks.

The recent inclusion of Hortonworks’ training into Accenture’s Big Data Academy delivers on this new mandate. The high quality training that individually targets a variety of specific audiences from system administrators and data engineers, to data scientists with hands-on labs and practical exercises is exactly what is needed. Hortonworks’ rapid adoption and knowledge dissemination on the use of new technologies in the Hadoop ecosystem is critical to Accenture’s commitment to meet the cutting edge requirements of our global client base.

As an example of the effectiveness of the Big Data Academy Hortonworks training, Accenture conducted a four-day virtual Hackathon for more than 50 Accenture Analytics professionals. Eight teams across four global geographies competed, leveraging the power of the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®) to help analyze and gain insights from actual Accenture network data. Through the Hackathon, the teams created several reusable assets for potential client deployments comprised of business KPIs, data models, analytic dashboards and process know-how.

The Accenture Big Data Academy has made significant progress in driving the rapid deployment of high quality, cost-effective training to stay current with the rapidly evolving and diverse technology ecosystem. The integration of Hortonworks’ training into the Accenture Big Data Academy is just one example of how Accenture is consistently developing market-leading skills to help clients transform into data-driven, insight-powered enterprises.

A self-paced Learning Library and online courses for Hortonworks partners complement the Accenture Big Data Academy. The online courses cover the latest innovations in Big Data and are designed to optimize the time investment of participants.  Click here or contact Ajay Singh, Hortonworks Technical Alliances & Enablement Senior Director, for more information about Hortonworks course offerings for partners.


Nishant says:

any alliances between the two to offer certifications to the employees?

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