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February 14, 2014
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Actian, YARN and a Modern Data Architecture with Hadoop

With the growing number of large-scale enterprise deployments of big data, certain limitations have become more apparent bringing to light some weaknesses in this first phase of analytics infrastructures.  Hadoop, clearly a very valuable tool for the collection of unstructured data, poses some challenges that need to be overcome for wide spread successful enterprise adoption.

In our upcoming webinar on Tuesday Feb 19 at 10 am PT, we will address these issues and highlight how to solve them using Hortonworks Data Platform and our partner Actian.

One of the challenges is the growing number of server clusters in the datacenter as data collection grows exponentially. Here’s where YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator) helps to address some of these challenges and essentially leapfrogs MapReduce.  YARN breaks Hadoop free of MapReduce restrictions and simplifies the delivery of data services.  YARN gives users the option to use better, more efficient compute models and is now able to handle extremely large amounts of data with a dramatic increase in performance.  YARN also enables multiple applications to run on the Hadoop environment.

Actian is a leader in big data analytics and at the forefront of YARN adoption. They have integrated their Actian Analytics Platform with Hadoop and Hortonworks Data Platform as part of the Modern Data Architecture.  Hortonworks leads open source Hadoop innovation through spearheading initiatives to fundamentally improve the performance and capabilities of Hadoop.  Actian’s focus is on delivering a graphical interface to elegant data preparation and analytics solutions that run natively on Hadoop.  Together, Actian and Hortonworks enables high performance analytics provides quicker time to monetization of big data.

The Actian Analytics Platform acts as an exoskeleton on top of Hortonworks Data Platform and offers these benefits:

  • Turbocharge HDP ETL and data science analytics 30X faster without coding
  • Achieve quicker analytic iterations – from weeks to minutes
  • Enrich HDP data with other data sources for improved accuracy
  • Access HDP data on demand with high performance SQL

Join Hortonworks and Actian for a joint webinar on Feb. 18th 2014, as we outline in more detail challenges faced by companies trying to implement their Big Data Strategy. The webinar will also highlight real-world use cases on the integration between Hortonworks Data Platform and the Actian Analytics Platform.

Click here for more information on how to register for the webinar.


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