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March 18, 2015
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Advance Consumer Engagement with Hadoop & Consumer720

On Tuesday March 24th at 10am Pacific Time, Duane Lyons, Practice Lead at Clarity Solution Group, will join me Eric Thorsen, Hortonworks General Manager of Retail and Consumer Products to discuss “Consumer720”. During our one-hour webinar, Duane and I will lay out the details of using Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) to enrich a single view of your customers with social media and clickstream feeds to achieve a new level of consumer engagement.

Retail marketers lie awake at night wondering how they can build a single view of their customers for deeper consumer insight. It is no longer enough to simply track historical sales in the aggregate. Now retail marketers must capture customer interactions across all channels, and analyze those to identify specific interests and emotions. This analysis can help predict behavior, recommend products and build brand loyalty. Marketers must also enrich legacy repositories with newly available data, but many lack the appropriate platform to capture, combine and analyze clickstream, social, and location data.

This challenge is not unique to the retail industry, but retailers compete in a much more fluid arena, with many individual buyers who also interact with your competitors and with each other. A single view helps retailers stay relevant in this highly competitive market.

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Many of the world’s top retailers have already adopted Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) to build those 360-degree views and acquire new customers, grow existing relationships and promote brand loyalty. The next step is to add social data to their big data retail solutions in order to maximize the value of their existing investments in CRM and marketing analytics. That’s the path to Consumer720.

Hortonworks partner Clarity Solution Group works with companies using Apache Hadoop to accelerate the path to Consumer720. “Retailers and others adopting Hadoop as part of their technology landscape are enabled to quickly gain insight from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data,” says Duane Lyons, practice lead at Clarity. “With Consumer720, we help firms develop a 360-degree enterprise view of their customer integrated with a 360-degree social media/online view for the most advanced customer engagement possibilities.”

Consumer720 can co-exist with other storage assets or stand alone as an end-to-end platform for consumer analytics. HDP’s built-in scalability, processing capabilities, and flexible storage of structured and unstructured data make it an ideal platform to power Consumer720.

Please join our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, March 24th to discuss a more intelligent maturity model for consumer engagement. We will lay out the details of achieving advanced consumer engagement in your business, including:

  • The importance of a flexible, extensible data model that incorporates data from social and enterprise sources, including social commentary related to products, brands, and companies that can feed sentiment analysis.
  • Utilizing APIs to connect to social sources and extract profile details for consumers that have explicitly granted access via their social login.
  • The ability to identify the same person across different social and enterprise sources.
  • The ability to calculate more than 250 affinity attributes based on social activity such as Facebook “likes”
  • Pre-built visualizations in Tableau and QlikView to help analyze of consumer behavior across social and enterprise sources, including how to correlate social “likes” with campaign responses and purchase behavior

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