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May 16, 2013
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Advanced Analytics: Making Decisions at the Speed of Business

Retailers today are faced with addressing the new behaviors of an evolving customer base by leveraging the changing landscape and its new dynamics.  Retail consumers online are sharing, friend validating, researching, learning and developing a point of view ─ offline they are touching, brand comparing and brand associating.  Retailers now more than ever before have to think in terms of “integrated commerce” and leverage Big Data for big results in the marketplace.

Forward-thinking organizations are discovering the possibilities of unconstrained analytics and quickly realizing the potential of accelerating the spread of analytics across the company ─ ultimately driving the speed of acquiring new customers, responding to consumer and market change, and increasing their “share of wallet”. Retail analysts want to spend more time in the analytic discovery process, and less time acquiring and preparing data, so they can uncover new market opportunities and reduce risks. Their goal is to create a sustain­able competitive advantage that lets retailers predict con­sumer shopping patterns, increase market basket size by small percentages and better target new customers  – quickly translating into millions or billions of dollars.

paraccelHortonworks partner ParAccel has an Analytic Platform with parallel, bi-directional integration between ParAccel and Hortonworks Data Platform enabling cooperative analytic processing, leveraging the data and analytic functions of both sys­tems. The ParAccel Analytic Platform is built to run deep “in-database” analytics on massive amounts of data across systems ─ extending Hortonworks Data Platform for big data analytics. Joint customers find the integrated platforms provide a powerful, cost-effective solution for big data management and advanced analytics.

The architecture creates an open environment where analysts can bring in data from data warehouses and leverage data in Hortonworks Data Platform before or in the middle of a query. ParAccel also recently added support for HCatalog, making this integration speedy and efficient. It’s a great solution for offloading analytics from traditional platforms or bringing in internet, sensor data or normalized (structured) social media data. These out of the box modules give analytic-driven retailers access to the full range of data needed to make the right marketing, merchandising, and store operations decisions every time at the speed of business.

Learn more – join Hortonworks in the upcoming ParAccel webinar “Advanced Analytics on Hadoop Data” May 21st at 10 am PT.


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