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June 05, 2017
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Announcing the 2017 Data Hero Finalists, Americas

In January we announced the Hortonworks Data Heroes initiative. It’s our way of recognizing the Data Visionaries, Data Scientists, and Data Architects transforming their businesses and organizations through Big Data.

Hortonworks has over 1000 customers ranging across every industry. There are so many Big Data stories to be told: stories about transformation, cost reduction, and revenue growth. Stories about fresh ideas to old business problems and overcoming industry obstacles once thought insurmountable. Data is mission critical to the modern enterprise, yet despite its importance and prevalence, those who champion data within their respective enterprises often go unnoticed. We at Hortonworks aim to change that.

Today we’re announcing our nine Data Hero Finalists in the Americas region, split across the Data Visionary, Data Scientist, and Data Architect categories. Each of these finalists have received a VIP pass to our upcoming DataWorks Summit (June 13-15), and you’ll find many of them providing Keynote presentations and hosting our Enterprise Adoption breakout sessions. These individuals have all championed change in their organization, and you don’t want to miss their inspiring stories how. Register now!

Data Visionary

Tim Leonard, COO/CTO of TMW Systems
TMW Systems is the leading Big Data transportation technology provider and uses Hortonworks to develop Business Intelligence and Big Data tools that offers valuable business insights to transportation application users.

Sesh Rangarajan, Senior Director, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Liberty Mutual has transformed its traditional data warehousing to one running HDP and HDF in the cloud. The company now pursues an agile business approach with a data-driven culture.

Dr. Wade Schulz, Resident Physician & Senior Solution Architect, Yale-New Haven Health
Yale-New Haven has developed a continuous patient monitoring solution, powered with Hortonworks, that stores 6-9 billion data points per month. This has resulted in nearly 50% alarm noise reduction and the data lake provides the foundation for numerous academic and health studies focused on patient care.

Data Scientist

Allyn Moeller, Director, Product Management & BI, DHISCO
DHISCO manages over 14 billion shopping requests per month for over 100,000 hotels and 400 brands.  The company has developed an innovative and reliable distribution technology to track bookings, rates, availability, and hotel content.

Tejas Nomulwar, Senior Software Engineer, eHarmony
eHarmony switched from legacy data warehousing to Hortonworks as the company scaled. This has saved tremendous disk space, compute, and improved both cost and performance. The switch also drives business intelligence, metrics, and reporting.

Greg Tomezak, Sr. Manager of Marketing Analytics, CDW
CDW is a technology and services provider that leverages Hortonworks to provide near real-time automation of tasks, which enables their sellers to focus on more customer interactions.

Data Architect

Bill Brooks, Chief Data Architect, Mercer
Mercer is early in the adoption process, but has already created a roadmap bringing multiple data sources, lines of business, and analytical use cases together on a shared platform. Mercer has further begun to develop a common approach to the analytical process that can be adapted for multiple internal data science practices.

Ken Chenis, Chief Architect, ACI Worldwide
ACI Worldwide is the global leader in banking and payment solutions and uses Hortonworks as part of their big data solution enabling real-time decisions about transactions flowing through their Universal Payments framework. The low latency required by real-time payment flows was enabled by the development of an innovative and patent-pending storage method that they integrated with the Hortonworks platform.

Omkar Patel, Director, Data and Analytics, Walgreens
Walgreens has embarked on several Big Data initiatives, including a data-warehouse migration with Hortonworks that allows greater scalability for a fraction of the cost. This has increased their data footprint and exploded into myriad new use cases touching nearly every aspect of the business.

Our three Data Heroes winners in the Americas region will be announced next Tuesday. Stay tuned!


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