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October 22, 2013
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Announcing Apache Ambari 1.4.1


Today we are proud to announce the delivery of Apache Ambari 1.4.1. Ambari 1.4.1 combines many months of work in the community advancing the Ambari codebase. Over 760 JIRAs have been resolved since the Ambari 1.2.5 release. We would like to thank the nearly 40 engineers who contributed to help make this release possible.

Hello Hadoop 2, Meet Apache Ambari
The most important addition to Ambari 1.4.1 is support for installing, managing and monitoring a cluster based on the Hadoop 2 stack. This includes YARN, MapReduce 2 and support for enabling NameNode High Availability (HA).

After installing (or upgrading) to the Hadoop 2 stack, you can enable NameNode HA via a wizard-driven experience. By following the wizard steps, you can introduce an additional NameNode and additional JournalNodes into the cluster, and the existing Secondary NameNode is then removed. Upon completion, Ambari wires-up monitoring for the Active and Standby NameNodes as well as the overall “health” of HA.


Other Goodies

In addition to adding Hadoop 2 support, the Ambari Community worked to enable core capabilities around security and platform support, most notably:

  • Added support for enabling Kerberos security for Hadoop 2
  • Support to work with SSL enabled Hadoop daemons
  • Support to work with web authentication enabled for Hadoop daemons
  • Added support for JDK 7 (and maintained support for JDK 6)

Get Ambari

Please visit the Apache Ambari project page for more information on Ambari.

Look here for Ambari 1.4.1 build instructions. And the full Release Notes are here.

Happy Hadooping!

The Ambari Team


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