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March 08, 2016
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Announcing Apache Ambari 2.2

What an exciting time for Hadoop, for the Community and for Hortonworks. Last week, we announced our strategy around Open and Connected Data Platforms. And followed-up with the latest release of our flagship product, the Hortonworks Data Platform 2.4. This included the release of Apache Ambari 2.2, which will further enable enterprises to harness the power of data by taking the guesswork out of provisioning, managing, monitoring and securing Hadoop.

Let’s take a bit more time to dig into the notable new features of Ambari 2.2:

Automated Express Upgrades

Ambari 2.2 introduces the new Express Upgrade option, which delivers a faster way to upgrade your cluster with less prerequisites than the traditional Rolling Upgrade option. By providing both Rolling Upgrade and Express Upgrade options, Ambari provides the choice and flexibility to upgrade your cluster based on your specific deployments needs. And together, these upgrade options eliminate the need for manual — often error prone — tasks.

  • A Rolling Upgrade orchestrates the HDP upgrade in an order that is meant to preserve cluster operation and minimize service impact during upgrade. This process has more stringent prerequisites (particularly regarding cluster high availability configuration) and can take longer to complete than an Express Upgrade.
  • An Express Upgrade orchestrates the HDP upgrade in an order that will incur cluster downtime but with less rigorous prerequisites.


Simplified Security Options

Ambari 2.2 introduces two new capabilities to further simplify the experience of configuring and managing the key security tenants of Hadoop: Apache Ranger and Kerberos.

First, Ambari 2.2 includes a Ranger Guided Configuration experience (which are built on the Ambari Enhanced Configurations framework). The new configuration experience brings a common-sense approach to Ranger setup with an improved layout and simpler UI controls. Second, Ambari 2.2 adds support for securely storing Kerberos credentials. This greatly simplifies the administration of Kerberos as your cluster changes in size and topology.


Improved Troubleshooting Controls

Ambari 2.2 makes it easier and faster to perform cluster troubleshooting and to identify and respond to problems quickly. The new customizable metric widget graphs and export features make it easier to pin-point cluster problems.


Many thanks to all of the contributors and committers who collaborated on Ambari 2.2. We should highlight that the Ambari 2.2 release from Hortonworks covers both the initial Ambari 2.2.0 community release and the follow-on Ambari 2.2.1 community release, which together resolve more than 1,000 JIRAs (800+ JIRAs in Ambari 2.2.0 and 200+ JIRAs in Ambari 2.2.1).

Get started with Ambari now by visiting the Hortonworks Documentation site.

Happy Hadooping!


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