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June 30, 2015
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Announcing Apache Falcon 0.6.1

Early this year, ApacheTM FalconTM became a Top Level Project (TLP) in the Apache Software Foundation.

The project continues to mature as a framework for simplifying and orchestrating data lifecycle management in Hadoop by offering out-of-the-box data management policies. The Apache Falcon 0.6.1 release builds on this foundation by providing simplified mirroring functionality and a new user interface (UI).

The community worked very diligently to offer more than 150 product enhancements, and over 30 new features and improvements. Among these improvements, following stand out as particularly important

  • Intuitive Web-based User Interface
  • Replication of Hive Assets while Preserving Metadata
  • Simplified forms driven UI to create HDFS and Hive Replication

Improved Web-based User Interface

Falcon Views enables rich API functionality in an intuitive and streamlined web interface to create and manage data feeds, process, cluster and mirror entities and their instances. This release also features integrated search and lineage capabilities. Apache Falcon 0.6.1 removes the need for users to write XML scripts to create entities for feed process and clusters. Forms-driven management UI introduced in this release greatly improves user productivity and reduces errors. The UI also offers an interactive search interface with domain specific language (DSL).





Replication of Hive Assets While Preserving Metadata

Apache Falcon 0.6.1 now enables complete replication of Hive assets while preserving metadata, such as views, annotations and user roles. Starting with bootstrap process to set the baseline, Falcon orchestrates orderly replication of transactions in the proper sequence to the target.

Simplified forms driven UI to create HDFS and Hive Replication

 Apache Falcon 0.6.1 features a simplified forms-driven UI to create HDFS and Hive replication to enhance productivity and accuracy.

Preview of Features to Come

The Apache Falcon release would not have been possible without contributions from the dedicated and talented community members who have done a great job understanding the needs of the user community and deliver them. Based on demand from the user community, we will continue to focus our efforts in three primary areas:

  • Integration with Apache Atlas
  • Smarter search capabilities
  • Improved dashboards




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