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June 05, 2015
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Announcing Apache Slider 0.80.0

Last week, the Apache Slider community released Apache Slider 0.80.0. Although there are many new features in Slider 0.80.0, few innovations are particularly notable:

  • Containerized application onboarding
  • Seamless zero-downtime application upgrade
  • Adding co-processors to app packages without reinstallation
  • Simplified application onboarding without any packaging requirement

Below are some details about these important features. For the complete list of features, improvements, and bug fixes, see the release notes.

Notable Changes:

Containerized application onboarding

This release of Apache Slider provides a way to deploy containerized applications on YARN and leverage YARN’s resource management capabilities. Now cluster administrators can deploy and manage long-running applications, which are containerized using Docker, on YARN without any changes. This allows consolidation of all edge clusters into a single, unified Hadoop cluster.

Seamless zero-downtime application upgrade

From this release onwards, Slider will support applications rolling upgrade from one version to next. Application admins can now upgrade to a newer version of their application binary and/or configuration, without any downtime, by following a list of atomic steps in a planned fashion.

Adding co-processors to app packages without reinstallation

Many big data applications allow plugins/co-processors that are essentially a set of additional jar files in the classpath, with a set of configuration files or changes. This feature enables the app package to support such plugins, without recreation of app packages. App packaging and create commands are modified such that the app admin can dynamically specify additional jars, configuration files, etc. For example, with this support in Slider, HBase-on-Yarn can now add support for Phoenix or Ranger to HBase application, without any change to the base package.

Simplified application onboarding without any packaging requirement

This enhancement enables certain types of simple applications to run on YARN without any packaging requirement apart from providing some metadata information about the application. This feature eliminates the need for application packaging and installation steps altogether. Only basic metadata information about the application is required. This feature is applicable for applications with all dependencies pre-installed.

What’s Next?

The Slider community plans to develop exciting new capabilities for the next release, including:

  • Complete management of containerized applications on YARN
  • Tighter integration of YARN applications with Ambari through Slider
  • More new applications on YARN via Slider
  •  Application relocation for Backup and Recover & Test-to-Production

We want to thank the Apache Kafka and Apache Tajo communities for their work to enable these powerful long-running applications to run on YARN via Slider. And we want to thank the Apache Slider community for this release.

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Tutuapp download says:

Apache slider 0.8.0 is pretty cool. Looking forward for more updates.

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