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April 22, 2014
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Announcing HDP 2.1 GA: Enterprise Hadoop

Three weeks ago, we announced availability of the technical preview of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) version 2.1 and since then we have had thousands of downloads of this preview.  We also promised delivery of GA bits on April 22nd  and we are delighted to deliver as stated. HDP 2.1, which includes countless new features across seven new components, is available today from our download page

YARN unlocks the Data Lake

YARN, the resource management layer of Hadoop 2 is delivering value as it has unlocked the data lake vision for many. It enables Hadoop to process data simultaneously in multiple ways and is the prerequisite for Enterprise Hadoop. It’s pluggable architecture for enabling a wide variety of data access methods to operate on data stored in Hadoop is the foundation upon which HDP 2.1 has been delivered.

A Major Release

Major releases from the Apache Hadoop, Hive, Tez, Knox and Ambari communities all coincide with this release and we have also incorporated the most recent release from the HBase community.  HDP 2.1 also introduces new projects into our platform, including Apache Tez, Phoenix, Accumulo, Storm, Solr, Falcon and Knox.  In all, this represents thousands of new features and comprises what many consider a “major” release across all of the components of Enterprise Hadoop.

Hortonworks today unveiled a major new release of its Hadoop distribution that puts significant new capabilities into the hands of its customers.Datanami

Stinger Delivered

There are many highlights to this release, but the most important is delivery of the final phase of the Stinger Initiative, a broad community-based project spearheaded by Hortonworks. With delivery of Hive 0.13 (along with Apache Tez), interactive SQL query is a reality IN Hadoop. Now, organizations can simplify deployments with a single engine for both batch and interactive SQL query.

Storm, Falcon, Knox, Phoenix, Solr and Cascading SDK

HDP 2.1 includes a slew of new components. These include Solr for search-based operations; Storm, for steaming data processing; the Knox security gateway component, which provides cluster-level authentication and authorization for HTTP-based access to Hadoop; Phoenix as a SQL-skin on top of HBase; and Apache Falcon for data set replication, retention, audit, and lineage.  Finally, HDP 2,1 also provides support for the Cascading SDK, a framework for developing Hadoop applications

But wait, there’s more…

This week we will also release a tech preview of Apache Spark for distributed in-memory processing in HDP 2.1 and the HDP 2.1 sandbox will be updated with new tutorials and a streamlined learning path for those just getting started with Hadoop.

HDP 2.1 Delivers the Core Capabilities of Enterprise Hadoop

Apache™ Hadoop® originated as a simple project at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) to manage and access data.  Over time the Hadoop platform has expanded to incorporate a range of ASF projects that are required of a complete enterprise data platform.  These logically fall into five distinct categories: data access, data management, security, operations, and governance.

[hadoop_arch type=”lo”]

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) delivers all these essential capabilities in a completely open, integrated and tested platform that is ready for enterprise usage – and most importantly with no  proprietary holdbacks aimed at locking the customer into HDP.

Ready to get started with HDP 2.1?  Visit the HDP product page and download it today.


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