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January 30, 2017
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Announcing Hortonworks Data Heroes

You may have noticed our new homepage banner, “Be a Hero”, and thought to yourself, “I’ve been waiting for a radioactive spider bite all my life.”

I have some goods news for you, and no, it’s not the hairy spider living under your desk. There’s now an easier way to become a hero.

At Hortonworks, we seek to recognize the Data Visionaries, Data Scientists, and Data Architects who transform their enterprises through Big Data and Connected Data Platforms. In a world of slow, incremental change, these individuals champion radical change that makes our world better.

These are the Data Heroes. They don’t wear capes. They turn data into transformation. We recognize the work these individuals do and we want everyone in the Big Data community to recognize it too.

Be a hero. No spiders, no rich orphans, no science experiments gone awry. You need only be nominated and selected.

Who are the Data Heroes?

A Data Hero is the Data Visionary who recognizes the potential of Big Data to transform their organization, and leads the business to turn that vision into reality. Winners in this category will show tangible business outcomes that they lead, such as new revenue streams or improvements to customer satisfaction.

A Data Hero is the Data Scientist who studies the data, tests and re-tests hypotheses, and creates modern data applications that deliver insights to the business and its customers. Winners in this category will show how they improved analytics, delivered actionable intelligence, or designed systems for distributed deep learning and arti cial intelligence.

A Data Hero is the Data Architect who seamlessly and creatively integrates Connected Data Platforms into their infrastructure. Winners in this category can show how they optimized their Enterprise Data Warehouse or derived more value from existing IT systems by adding Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®) and Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF™)— either in the data center or in the cloud.

The Finalists

There will be three Data Hero finalists in each category, for each region. All 27 finalists will receive a VIP package to the DataWorks Summit in their respective region:

A panel of industry experts will judge the finalists’ submissions and the winners will be announced at that Summit.

Nominations are Open!

To qualify, it’s simple: You must be a Hortonworks customer. Nominations are open and due by mid April. Tell us how your Data Hero has triumphed in their community, or rescued data from the clutches of the villainous trash bin! Nominate a Data Visionary, Scientist, or Architect today!

Nominate a Data Hero

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