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July 01, 2015
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Announcing Hortonworks Gallery

Drink from Elephant’s Well Of Knowledge

Developer success starts with open and reusable code, and a community that allows for both consumption of code and contribution of updates to the code base. This success engenders a thriving and evolving community.

To that end, today we are announcing the Hortonworks Gallery for developers. Located on GitHub, the Gallery brings together the Hortonworks’ Apache Hadoop code, Apache Ambari Views and extensions, as well as related resources into a single view for developers to use within the familiar context of Git and open source software.

The Hortonworks Gallery brings together all of the code, tutorials and sample apps that help new and experienced Hadoop developers reduce the time to success, whether it’s learning about Hadoop, Spark, Storm or other HDP components, or delivering apps for Internet of Things, predictive analytics or data warehousing solutions. Additionally, over the coming weeks we will be moving the source files for our Hortonworks Tutorials into GitHub for individuals and organizations to use, modify, and enhance under a Creative Commons license.

Hortonworks has been investing the resources of our team into creating a complete set of learning resources for getting started on HDP. By releasing these under the CC license on the Hortonworks Gallery, our goal is for the community and academia to build an even better and broader set of learning around Hadoop. And in the spirit of open collaboration, we encourage pull requests!

Share Elephant’s Wealth of Knowledge

Hortonworks Gallery GitHub projects are organized at As we add new projects, tutorials, sample applications and code, they will be added to the Hortonworks Gallery repo, all to make it easier to discover, clone, and consume the content in your own projects.

The Gallery is the latest addition to the rich set of Hortonworks’ resources for developers. Along with the galley, developers can

I want to thank all members of the team who contributed to this project.

For the latest information on our Hadoop resources for developers, visit



Hari Sekhon says:

This is actually a really good idea.

Can we have a community section where we contribute stuff as I publish lots of tools in this space to GitHub that would be relevant to add there?

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