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April 23, 2015
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Apache Hadoop 2.7.0 Released!

The Apache Hadoop community is happy to announce the release of Apache Hadoop 2.7.0! We want to express our gratitude to every contributor, reviewer and committer.

The Hadoop community fixed 923 JIRAs in total as part of the 2.7.0 release. Of the 923 fixes:

  • 259 were in Hadoop Common
  • 350 were in HDFS
  • 253 were in YARN
  • 61 were in MapReduce

Hadoop 2.7.0 is the first Hadoop release in 2015, following late last year’s 2.6.0. While Hadoop 2.7.0 is not yet ready for production, it enables the community to execute extensive testing and downstream adoption in order to find and address potential incompatibilities and critical issues. A more stable and production ready release of Hadoop 2.7.x will follow soon.

Starting with Hadoop 2.7.0, Apache Hadoop drops support for the JDK6 runtime and supports only JDK 7+ versions.

The release contains a number of significant enhancements. A few notable ones are:

Hadoop Common

  • Windows Azure Storage Blob support (HADOOP-9629), available in trunk for a while, is now integrated into branch-2 and released as part of 2.7.0.

Hadoop HDFS

  • Enable new read/write scenarios in HDFS by adding support for truncate (HDFS-3107) and support for files with variable-length blocks (HDFS-3689)
  • Enforce quotas at the Heterogeneous Storage Type granularity in HDFS (HDFS-7584)
  • Enhance management (HDFS-7424) and monitoring (HDFS-7449) for the NFS Gateway Server

Hadoop YARN

  • YARN-3100 – Makes YARN authorization pluggable so that tools like Apache Ranger can provide authorization for YARN job submission operations
  • YARN-1492 – Automatic shared, global caching of YARN localized resources (beta)

Hadoop MapReduce

  • MAPREDUCE-5583 – Allows the ability to limit the size of a running MapReduce job by restricting the maximum number of Map or Reduce tasks running at any point in time
  • MAPREDUCE-4815 – Speed up Hive, Pig and MapReduce jobs that deal with many output files by making enhancements to the FileOutputCommitter

Additional enhancements include “nntop,” a top­-like tool for NameNode (HDFS-6982) and a fast leveldb-based implementation (YARN-2765) for ResourceManager StateStore. Please see the Hadoop 2.7.0 Release Notes for the full list of features, improvements and bug-fixes.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the release, and everyone in the Apache Hadoop community!



Reix says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Which tag of Hadoop github ( corresponds to this release ?
I do not see any tag saying release-2.7.0 . Only release-2.7.0-RC0 .

Dhirendra says:

Hi, regarding JIRA (HDFS-6982) about the nntop, I am not able to understand fully how the JIRA has been integrated and how to enable nntop stats collection and retrieve using JMX.

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