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January 10, 2013
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Apache Pig 0.10.1 Released

We are pleased to announce that Apache Pig 0.10.1 was recently released. This is primarily a maintenance release focused on stability and bug fixes. In fact, Pig 0.10.1 includes 42 new JIRA fixes since the Pig 0.10.0 release.

Some of the notable changes include:

  • Source code-only distribution

In the download section for Pig 10.0.1, you will now find a source-only tarball (pig-0.10.1-src.tar.gz) alongside the traditional full tarball, rpm and deb distributions.

  • Better support for Apache Hadoop 0.23.x/2.x

Starting with Pig 0.10.1, the Pig team will now publish Maven artifacts for Hadoop 0.23.x/2.x (PIG-2907). Note that if you are using Hadoop 0.23.x/2.x, you will need to get different Pig Maven artifacts than from Hadoop 0.20.x/1.x. Here is the information to retrieve the Pig Maven artifacts for Hadoop 0.23.x/2.x:







In addition, the Pig team fixed a number of bugs specific to Hadoop 0.23.x/2.x (including PIG-3035, PIG-2783, PIG-2761, PIG-2912, and PIG-2791).

  • Better support for Oracle JDK 7

All unit tests for Pig 0.10.1 now pass with Oracle JDK7 (PIG-2908).

  •  End-to-End (e2e) tests and unit tests fixes

We continue to improve Pig e2e testing. With the latest enhancements, we are able to significantly reduce runtime for Pig e2e tests (PIG-2711). We are trying hard to make e2e tests pass on all platforms (PIG-2859, PIG-2783, PIG-2745).

We have also included some fixes for unit tests (PIG-2908, PIG-2650, PIG-3099, PIG-2960) to make sure unit tests pass on all currently supported platforms.

  • Other fixes

There are a number of other important bug fixes in the core Pig code, UDF and documentation. Details can be found in this document.

Special thanks for the Apache Pig community for doing all of this great work to make these improvements happen!

~ Daniel Dai


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