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October 02, 2014
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Apache Tez Wins InfoWorld Bossie 2014 Award

Apache Tez has been selected as a winner for 2014’s InfoWorld Bossie award. The “Bossies” identify the Best of Open Source software every year and are awarded by a panel of InfoWorld Test Center editors and industry expert reviewers. The Bossie awards celebrate game-changing open source software projects in different domains, and Apache Tez was selected in the Big Data Tools category.

bossie_tezLast year, Apache Hadoop with YARN as its architectural center was awarded a Bossie. It is a natural progression that Apache Tez makes it to the list this year. With YARN, Hadoop has been opened up to allow multiple applications to run simultaneously on a single pool of data, and now Tez has emerged as a conduit for new apps to share the value of Apache Hadoop YARN and the Modern Data Architecture (MDA).

With Apache Hadoop YARN, Apache Hadoop has unlocked a modern data architecture where a single pool of data is shared across multiple applications that can make sense of the data in different ways and provide audience-appropriate access simultaneously. Apache Hive provides SQL access, while Apache Pig provides scripted access. Projects like Cascading and Scalding provide a programmatic developer access. All these applications can now be natively integrated with Hadoop by using the Tez framework.

Apache Tez has democratized Hadoop data processing by providing the fundamental building blocks needed to write purpose-built, secure, scalable and efficient data processing applications that run natively in a multi-tenant Hadoop cluster. The incumbent leaders in the data center are also adopting Tez for analytic and ETL applications that show-case vendor intellectual property while Tez takes care of the difficult but routine task of interacting with Hadoop.

Apache Tez is a mature and stable product that is ready for integration into a host of new Big Data applications written for Apache Hadoop. The InfoWorld Bossie award underscores the readiness of Apache Tez and its proven acceptance by the rest of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

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