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October 16, 2017
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APM with Unravel and Hortonworks to Ensure Mission Critical, Fast and Error Free Performance

This blog post is from one of our newest partners, Unravel Data, an MDS ISV/IHV Partner in the Partnerworks Program. Our guest blogger is Oliver Claude, CMO.

Application Performance Management (APM)

As more and more modern data applications get deployed, the business needs production-grade performance to ensure mission critical apps run fast and error free. This is where Unravel comes in.

Unravel is a leader in Application Performance Management (APM) for big data. Unravel complements Ambari and makes it possible for HDP customers to run more and more applications, pipelines, and workflows in production, reliably, cost-effectively, and ensure that business SLAs are met.


Some of the challenges we see in deploying big data projects, is the difficulty resolving performance and utilization problems. These include rogue jobs, missed SLAs, stuck jobs, and failed queries. It’s also hard to track who is doing what, understand cluster usage and performance, and forecast capacity needs.


Architects, Dev and Ops need to ensure that big data applications, pipelines and workflows meet performance-related business needs across industries, such as processing deadlines (e.g., ETL job to finish by market close), fast response times for business users (e.g., Hive queries), and guaranteed reliability (e.g., fraud detection application). Unravel has a solution that enables customers to realize their business case for Big Data.

By integrating with HDP and complementing Ambari, Unravel enables Big Data teams to:

  • Optimize: Maximize performance and utilization of applications and platforms
  • Troubleshoot: Diagnose and resolve performance issues quickly
  • Analyze: Understand performance, usage, and cost across apps, users, resources, and data
This diagram shows a high level modern data architecture where Application Performance Management operates at the application layer and data layers to solve these new big data issues.

Customer Use Case

Here is an example of a company that needed to address their DevOps needs for performance.

This company evaluated 3 options, and selected Unravel because it provided a single tool that would enable them to optimize, troubleshoot and analyze performance and utilization.

These were the benefits they realized:

Watch the full case study:

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