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May 24, 2017 | Tom Hastain | Hortonworks Case Study

CenterPoint Energy: Business Value from Large, Complex Data

May 23, 2017 | Tom Hastain | Hortonworks Case Study

Clearsense: Maximum Healthcare Transformation, Minimal Investment

May 23, 2017 | Brian Hagan | Hadoop Insights

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You did it! Last Sunday we challenged you to “Learn Hadoop in 7 days”. We hope that you have risen to the test and kept up with the tutorials we’ve posted each day through Twitter and Facebook. These tutorials should have helped you delve into: How to process data with Apache Pig and Apache Hive […]

Hortonworks Summer Internship 2012 As a first time intern, I can undoubtedly say that Hortonworks was the perfect place for me to gain real world work experience and have the chance to team up with many incredibly talented, driven people. Of course, I didn’t get to fully interact with everyone in the company in the […]

Pre-crime? Pretty close… If you have seen the futuristic movie Minority Report, you most likely have an idea of how many factors and decisions go into crime prevention. Yes, Pre-crime is an aspect of the future but even today it is clear that many social, economic, psychological, racial, and geographical circumstances must be thoroughly considered […]

Healthcare Goes Big

Earlier, in the “Big Data in Genomics and Cancer Treatment” blog post, I explored how the extensive amount of information in DNA analysis mostly comes from the vast array of characteristics associated with people’s DNA make up and with different cancer variations. The case with today’s healthcare is very similar. Each patient is unique and […]

Big Data Shopping Bag With big data basking in the limelight, it is no surprise that large retailers have been closely watching its development… and more power to them! By learning to effectively utilize big data, retailers can significantly mold the market to their advantage, making themselves more competitive and increasing the likelihood that they […]

Big data. These are two words the world has been hearing a lot lately and it has been in relevance to a wide array of use cases in social media, government regulation, auto insurance, retail targeting, etc. The list goes on. However, a very important concept that should receive the same (if not more) recognition is […]