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August 23, 2013
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Intern Experience: Back for Seconds

As summer comes to a close, we bid a fond farewell (again!) to our excellent marketing intern, Tanya Maslyanko. Tanya has been a terrific help to us with her can-do attitude and marketing intuition so the tears we shed are because we’ll miss our friend and because we’ll have to start doing our own work again. Over to Tanya…

TanyaA few years ago, I sat in a freshman-filled auditorium at my university’s orientation listening to successful graduates talk about how important it was to get involved with your career early on. I comprehended the general weight of their words but in a murky, overly-excited-freshman kind of way. My college years were still a vague possibility of a career in interior design… Now, as my second marketing internship with Hortonworks comes to a close, I am inspired by the changes I have gone through and the impactful decisions I have made that have essentially pointed my life in an entirely different direction.

Sophomore year (when I was still an interior design major) was by far the least defined period of time in my life. I was blindly and monotonously completing my classes with hardly any comprehension of the future and, although I was still a sophomore, it was frustrating because I had no way of applying what I learned to real life. Interior design majors at my school are required to intern only at the beginning of senior year. Declaring a marketing minor gave me my first break.

That summer, I joined Hortonworks for a marketing internship. My experience and collaboration with such a great company was so beneficial to me that on my first day at school junior year, I said goodbye to drafting and AutoCAD and switched my major to marketing. I pursued my degree while also staying in touch with Hortonworks by helping out with small tasks to stay involved with company progress. This summer, I was lucky to come back for a second time, and I have learned so much more in the process.

This summer, John Kreisa (VP of strategic marketing) made a significant effort to involve me in all areas of the marketing department – very useful to me as a newly declared marketing major. Along with working with some old friends from last year, I met and collaborated with the new members of the team, who all offered me even more valuable insight and fresh perspective.

The newest and most exciting experience for me this year was having the incredible opportunity to participate in the TechEd Conference in New Orleans. Despite the excitement of traveling to another state for business, it was even cooler representing Hortonworks at our booth to about 15,000 attendees (think a fairly crowded warehouse the size of twelve football fields). After getting over my initial shyness, I ended up having some engaging and interesting conversations with people. Just by explaining Hadoop to the probably 50% of attendees that didn’t know Hadoop, helped me learn more about it myself. The “Hadoop pitch” basically became my mantra. All in all, the whole event was a sobering glance at how many companies are starting to acknowledge the presence of big data. Working at a company that has an affordable and reasonable way to manage it gives me more real world, “the time is now” experience than I could hope for.

Hadoop Summit rolled around in late June and it was great to experience it the second time around, already knowing how everything worked. Rather than being stressed about directing people to the wrong room, I could see the event more as a whole – another impressive representation of companies that recognize the power of Hadoop.

After a chaotic month, I focused on participating in as many marketing processes as I could. Since I was simultaneously taking a general marketing summer class, it was interesting to coincide what I learned in class to what happened at work. Here is a rough list of what I helped with:

  • Partner marketing: John Kreisa and Audrey Ng included me in their work with Hortonworks’ strategic partners, which taught me a lot about how crucial it is to maintain strong partnerships as well as to represent our brand with other companies. I also helped Lisa Sensmeier to maintain the Hortonworks partner portal – a direct channel of communication with our valuable partners.
  • Audience: Marc Holmes was very patient in explaining the messaging and content process to me and had me create some nurture content, which helped me understand the process by contributing to it myself. Masha Finkelstein also allowed me to generate some ad campaign content – a helpful task for learning how to create much impact with not many words.
  • Solutions: I worked with Justin Sears and Jim Walker on generating some blog content based on industry verticals and data types and it was a great way to temporarily get into blog writing again (last year I mainly focused on blog use case content).
  • Website: James Dilworth had me work on website categorization with some tasks on WordPress. It was interesting to see how much effort goes into website maintenance since it can affect visitor and customer reactions significantly.

Over the last three months, I have acquired the clarity and determination that I was searching for as a sophomore in college. I still have to learn much, much more as well as decide what exactly I want to pursue in marketing, be it partner marketing or field marketing or anything else. However, after a second round of newly acquired marketing and business knowledge, I feel that I can complete my senior year with a much clearer idea of the future. I’ve made great connections here at Hortonworks and I’ve had experiences that will prove helpful in my life for years to come.

Thank you Hortonworks!


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