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August 28, 2018
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Be First. Done Right. AIM for Success with Hortonworks Professional Services

Data is an asset. Data is the digital currency. Data is the core of your business, many say the foundation, some say both. The list goes on and the market doesn’t seem to run out of terms to describe how invaluable data is to modern organizations. However, nothing is worthwhile for discussion if not put into good use – Data is numbers. Data is unattended information. Data is an overwhelming weight to your IT systems. Data is just… data.

The conversation has gotten past what the values are, but how to realize these values. The easy answer is building a well-rounded data platform that supports:

  • the scaling up of data volume,
  • big data analytics,
  • dynamic policy management for secured access,
  • seamless integrations with various data sources,
  • governance to visualize data lineage,
  • advanced technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning workloads, data science projects, multi-cloud deployments and more.

The challenge remains, of course, how to fulfill the steps necessary to get there.

Identifying Metrics for Success

The complication is that the building blocks and processes vary depending on each organization’s unique data environment and business objectives. A recent article by McKinsey & Company, Building a great data platform, identifies the guideline for success, from which I summarize in three key metrics:

  • Be First to realize business objectives, quick wins and sustainable business impacts
  • Done Right from the start in architecture design to implementation and talent development
  • AIM for Success by leveraging external expertise for Advisory, Implementation, or Managed Services

Be First. 

Speed is crucial to every phrase of a successful implementation. In the early stages, the faster at figuring out business challenges, priorities, resource constraints and objectives, the faster a project can go into design and implementation for accelerated time to value. Driving the momentum forward, companies should aim for seizing quick and incremental wins as a means to validate value proposition, derisk the financial investment, silence doubters, and insure the continuity of the project. In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, having an accelerated speed to business impact will lead to an untapped insight, first-mover advantage, or competitive edge that delivers substantial business benefits and outcomes.

Done Right.

The above criterion is only valid if the project is planned, designed, and implemented the right way. Many obstacles can impact the overall success of customers’ digital transformation journey, from dealing with organizational change due to an accelerated pace of innovation, to gaps in the skillset of available resources surrounding the platform. An overlooked design flaw in the early stages of foundational architecture and development often results in failure to meet expectations in production. Equally important is having the right talents to support a data-driven culture. What’s the point of building a state-of-the-art data platform without the right domain knowledge and talent to operate, maintain, or troubleshoot it? Companies need to insist on a “do right” mentality toward the technology, the implementation, and the talent to make the most out of their investment for sustainable benefits and impacts.

AIM for Success.

Out of all the conferences I have been to, the most absurd analogy I heard is comparing building a data platform to the building of a house – “we provide the right tools so you can build it yourself, you don’t need to hire professionals for that.” In reality, is that really the case? Such analogy downplays the challenges and risks associated with a DIY approach.

Apart from the textual meaning that companies should build to solve real-world problems for business success, embedded is the message to utilize the industry expertise in Advisory, Implementation, and Managed Services (AIM), at a cost considered trivial for the long-term benefits it could bring. The market is flooded with talent shortage for big data and analytics adoptions. According to TDWI research, 46% of companies report inadequate staffing for big data analytics. If companies can’t even keep up with the demand, there’s no guarantee to ensure quality in terms of expertise and experience in the realm of work. Therefore, the best way to overcome such challenge and complete the project on-time and on-target is through leveraging industry professionals with collective knowledge, tested methodologies, as well as proven track record of successful engagements, for Advisory, Implementations, and Managed Services, such as the Hortonworks Professional Services.

Hortonworks Professional Services – Education and Consulting

Hortonworks Professional Services (PS) provides the expertise for big data adoptions, progressions, and strategic uses cases. It is built on senior teams of experienced professionals, certified in disciplines within own product environments and other key subjects impacting any data platform or data project. Through thousands of successful engagements, the PS team provides the distilled experience and best practices for customers to achieve faster time to value in strategic use cases: from foundational projects such as EDW optimization, to advanced implementations of global data management, cybersecurity, machine learning and IoT.

Professional Services can also help the clients manage the entire lifecycle of their projects. The assigned project manager will provide engagement oversight, manage resources, drive access to the knowledge base, and function as the primary point of contact for any questions, issues, and/or escalations. Through close engagements with our clients, we not only ensure projects are delivered on-time and on-target, but also provide learning development and knowledge sharing to the client’s staff, so that they are able to stand on their own to quickly extract value after the projects are completed.

What makes the PS team unique is that they are united via a global Hortonworks community of architects, engineers and published visionaries in Big Data, Hadoop and Data Science. They maintain deep data expertise through tight partnership with the Hortonworks Product, Engineering, and Support teams to ensure that, through your Professional Services team, you have access to the collective knowledge as well as proven methodologies to capture the maximized value from your data.

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