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September 06, 2017
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Hospitality and the Big Data Window Shopping Problem

Big Data and HospitalityWhat eventually drives us to purchase something online? This isn’t a hypothetical or philosophical question, as businesses are forced to find answers every day. Consumers across every industry have access to almost anything they can find on a search engine, however with such a big supply of goods, businesses must manage the Big Data that’s generated from these clicks. In the hospitality industry especially, companies need to reduce the amount of clicks it takes for someone to make a purchase.



How Many Clicks Does It Take?

Rising above the internet noise, companies in the hospitality space need solutions that will help drive traffic and ultimately lead to new revenue. DHISCO is tackling this problem for hospitality organizations to improve the consumer content, as well as the messaging between hotels and travel agencies. DHISCO is the leader in hospitality distribution systems and provides distribution technology that enables hotel bookings around the globe.

With over 100,000 hotels worldwide, there’s a lot of data generated from consumers looking to travel and stay at one of these many hotels. A single consumer does not think about the number of clicks it takes to make a purchase, but there is always a point that if the search becomes too tiresome or complicated, the person will give up. It is up to businesses to optimize their content, as well as make sense of their data to know what is causing a consumer to buy or not buy. Being able to track patterns and understand why people purchase, or how many clicks it takes to sell someone no longer has to be a metaphysical discussion. In fact, with Hortonworks, DHISCO has been able to track and configure rate plans between travel agents and a hotel chain. As a result of this, there was an 85% increase in bookings for this chain.

Predictive Clicking

Virtual window shopping has made it easier for consumers to access information, but it also provides businesses an opportunity to solve major consumerization problems. With predictive analytics, organizations are able to glean information from their data to find connections and relationships in customer behavior, improve processes to more closely align with buyer patterns, and ultimately improve customer experiences.

Hortonworks enables such organizations as DHSCIO to access their historical data and the data-at-rest to create actionable intelligence to improve business decisions, cut costs, and increase revenue. In turn, companies are able to offer quality products and services that will make consumers want to buy the upon first click.

For more information, watch Allyn Moeller, Director of BI Product Management at DHISCO explain how analytical insights helps drive hospitality bookings.


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