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February 11, 2015
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Big Data Leadership Series: Videos from Hortonworks and Informatica

By now, we have all heard about Big Data. However, approaches to derive value from the phenomenon vary greatly from one organization to another. While companies like Facebook, Google or Yahoo! were birthplaces of game-changing innovations, most corporations are still trying to figure out how to unlock the power of Big Data.



In this video series created in collaboration between Informatica and Hortonworks, two pioneers and leaders in the data space, you will hear about a wide range of topics addressed in simple business terms. Sanjay Krishnamurthi, SVP and Chief Technology Officer at Informatica, and Shaun Connolly, Vice President Corporate Strategy at Hortonworks, offer insights into trends, questions and buzzwords we have all heard about but have not necessarily fully defined nor addressed. From Data Lake to cost reduction, Hadoop, Modern Data Architecture and transformed customer experience, they share the lessons they have learned from working with many customers across the globe.

In the first part of the series, you will hear about common use cases for Hadoop, myth and reality regarding the Data Lake, the transition from cost reduction to Data as a Service as well as the most common secrets behind successful Big Data projects.

In the second part of the series, Sanjay and Shaun talk about barriers to adoption, as well as integration of Big Data with existing solutions. They go over examples of companies that have managed to turn data into money, and what differentiates a “Data Lake” from a “Data Dump”. Last but not least, they take a look at how Big Data has transformed the customer experience, and how Hadoop will evolve over the next years.

Watch the Videos 1 & 2​

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